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<!--120120522045322-->Wordsmith - 'King Noah' [CD]
<!--120120522045322-->Wordsmith - 'King Noah' [CD]
<!--120120522045322-->Wordsmith - 'King Noah' [CD]
<!--120120522045322-->Wordsmith - 'King Noah' [CD]


King Noah




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It's rare to find a musician today willing to forgo trends and follow their gut. Hip-hop emcee Wordsmith is that exception. On this new record, King Noah, the Baltimore, MD rapper has created something purely hip- hop-no gimmicks, no swag. With Jazz-infused beats, soulful melodies, and uplifting messages, King Noah (NU Revolution Entertainment) is a celebration of his young son, Kingston Noah Parker, and of life. Featured guests include EliM, Phil Ade and K. Sparks. Production is shared by Centric, Capish, Certified, Rednaz Beats, Strada, DJ Eclipse, and Benny Rome.

Whether it be "Music for the Masses," "Never Be the Same" feat. ELiM, "Eye for the Spotlight" feat. Phil Ade, or "On My Job," Wordsmith says the album is a blue print for his son. "We live in complicated times. I want my son to have a template to follow. I want him to be able to look back some day and understand me through the music I make."

Wordsmith originally caught the attention of critics in 2009 after teaming up with the legendary Chubb Rock after they released Bridging the Gap an album which was powered by the lead single, "OId 2 the New." The next year, he released his debut solo LP Vintage Experience (2010), which garnered him praise for his creativity and witty wordplay.

In an era where all artists struggle to carve out sustainable careers, Wordsmith has been able to utilize his business savvy and songwriting skills to garner an ASCAPLUS Award for 2011-2012 and licensing deals with Nintendo, ESPN, VH1, Golf Channel, Six Flags, ABC, CBS and PBS.

Born in Germany, the son of a U.S. Army Colonel, Wordsmith traveled the world and developed a broad musical taste from an early age. "I used to tell people I went to school at the United Nations because by ten years old," explains Wordsmith, "I had met or had friends from every corner of the globe."
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