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<!--020090127015502-->X-Clan - 'Mainstream Outlawz' [CD]
<!--020090127015502-->X-Clan - 'Mainstream Outlawz' [CD]
<!--020090127015502-->X-Clan - 'Mainstream Outlawz' [CD]
<!--020090127015502-->X-Clan - 'Mainstream Outlawz' [CD]


Mainstream Outlawz



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Nas may have proclaimed hip-hop is dead, but Brooklyn based X-Clan is here to let fans know good hip-hip is alive and well with the release of their new studio album "Mainstream Outlaws" on January 27th, 2009. This title defines the music and smashes the standard of what good hip-hop is all about; good music, content and timeless songs.

"We urge our listeners to stop complaining and start listening, because hip-hop is alive and well. It's time for the underground to take the spotlight," says X-Clan mastermind Brother J. "If you don't take the time to learn the full spectrum of hip-hop, you can't keep complaining that the game is tainted and off track. There are enough active artists out here that are keeping it real in the name of music and not fad. There are some independent groups that deserve respect for their grind and we are one of them."

Joining X-Clan on their quest to bring hip-hop back to the roots of the genre with the aid some of the industry's biggest lyrical assassins including Bun B of UGK, Medusa and Supanatural.
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