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<!--120111122037398-->Yelawolf - 'Radioactive' [CD]
<!--120111122037398-->Yelawolf - 'Radioactive' [CD]
<!--120111122037398-->Yelawolf - 'Radioactive' [CD]
<!--120111122037398-->Yelawolf - 'Radioactive' [CD]




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2011 release from the American rapper. With a life story that no book could contain, the artist born Michael Atha could have auditioned for the most interesting man in the world title. After years of toiling in the rap chitlin circuit, the mixtape matrix and doing hooks for a spectrum of artists ranging from Juelz Santana to Slim Thug, Wolf broke out in grand fashion with his critically acclaimed independent release Trunk Muzik on New Year's Day 2010. The excitement, paired with his unforgettable live shows, led to numerous magazine covers a record deal through Ghet-0- Vision/lnterscope and then a partnership with Shady Records. The label founded by the man who many naysayers opted to unfavorably compare him to, Eminem.
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