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<!--120090804016793-->Yppah - 'They Know What Ghost Know' [CD]
<!--120090804016793-->Yppah - 'They Know What Ghost Know' [CD]
<!--120090804016793-->Yppah - 'They Know What Ghost Know' [CD]
<!--120090804016793-->Yppah - 'They Know What Ghost Know' [CD]


They Know What Ghost Know





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Joe Corrales, Jr. aka Yppah (pronounced "Yippah") is back. The young Mexican-American from Texas debuted on Ninja Tune in 2006 with his album, "You Are Beautiful At all Times", and now releases his sophomore effort, "They Know What Ghost Know".

Fashioning a rockier sound than last time out, the album draws on a cultural heritage that took in My Bloody Valentine alongside hip hop and which is heavily influenced by various forms of electronic music, psychedelic soul and rock.

Opening track "Son Saves The Rest" is wall-of-noise guitar pummeller. "Gumball Machine Weekend" sounds like southern-fried Go! Team with more soul. "Playing With Fireworks" somehow reminds you of the way you felt stuck between childhood and the adult world, not a million miles from instrumental tracks from the Phantom Band. "Shutter Speed" is nostalgia psyched into a memorable tune. Title track "They Know What Ghost Know" is West Coast rock reimagined as trance-rite, a spooky, echo-heavy drum-roll-filled set of repetitions and overlaps that builds into a tune which DJ Shadow in his heyday might have dreamed of making. "Sun Flower Sun Kissed" takes the doomy grey skies of MBV and gives them a Texan make-over. "Bobbie Joe Wilson" channels the Dust Brothers and proves Yppah hasn't lost his love of hip hop. Corrales build moods through a combination of melody, rhythm and sonics and if those moods are mainly melancholy, they're also ecstatic.

After a series of shows last year from SXSW to Japan, there's a real feeling that Joe Corrales is ready to step up into the big league. The album has that feel to it - that it has been made under huge skies, that it's possible to make music which is epic and intimate all at once. It's beguiling and beautiful and makes you a little giddy, too. Find out what Ghost know.
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