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<!--020120508042597-->Zara McFarlane - 'More Than Mine/ Lions Of Chiaroscuro' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]
<!--020120508042597-->Zara McFarlane - 'More Than Mine/ Lions Of Chiaroscuro' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]
<!--020120508042597-->Zara McFarlane - 'More Than Mine/ Lions Of Chiaroscuro' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]
<!--020120508042597-->Zara McFarlane - 'More Than Mine/ Lions Of Chiaroscuro' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

Zara McFarlane

More Than Mine/ Lions Of Chiaroscuro

Black Vinyl Import

7" Vinyl Single Record


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Brownswood Recordings is proud to present a limited edition 7" single by Zara McFarlane. The record features the track 'More than Mine' (taken from her critically acclaimed album "Until Tomorrow"). The flip 'Lions of Chiaroscuro' a mash up of Steve Reid's classic 'Lions of Judah' and Zara's 'Chiaroscuro', as re-created by futuristic jazztronica act Emanative for Gilles Peterson's charity The Steve Reid Foundation which aims to assist ailing musicians.

Originally from Dagenham, Zara has been making waves in the UK jazz scene in recent years, having collaborated with numerous distinguished artists including Denys Baptiste and Orphy Robinson. In 2006 she featured on the Jazz Jamaica All Stars' album 'Motor City Roots', which further asserted her status as a poised, versatile and elegant songstress. In 2011 Zara released her debut album 'Until Tomorrow', a collection of original songs composed over the course of a decade. Backed by a band of esteemed musicians including pianist Peter Edwards, double bassist Nick Walsh and saxophonist Binker Golding, Zara has developed a mature and replete album of confident and personal songs. Citing Nina Simone as a major influence on her music, Zara's music can be found nestled between Erykah Badu and Diana Reeves, whilst maintaining her own original sound. "More Than Mine" begins with Peter Edwards' brooding piano, soon joined by Zara, who conjures a dejected image of herself, as she compares herself to another woman. As the song develops, Zara's graceful vocals subside and Edwards' understated and soothing piano is joined by Binker Golding's tenor saxophone. The rousing melee of brass seems to buoy Zara, and a renewed confidence ensues as she begins to mock her rival, turning the song from one of lament, to one of celebration.

The B side of the single 'Lions of Chiaroscuro' begins with Zara's soft vocals and is soon carried by animated organ riffs and Nick Woodmansey's untamed drumming - doing justice to Reid's original work. As trumpet - by Ahmed Abdullah (the composer of the track who also played on the original version), is introduced and actuated by the organ, adding to the verve of the song, all held together by Zara's vocals. Produced by Emanative, this track is exclusive to this 7" and is as much an experiment in sound as it is an ode to Steve Reid, who continues to inspire a new generation of Jazz musicians.

Proceeds from the sale of this 7" will be donated to the Steve Reid Foundation.
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