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ZZBRA Soundtrack


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The Legend Of Zzbra: Rap legends Moka Only and Evil Ebenezer began their careers as triple threats on the silver screen: singing, dancing and acting their way into the hearts of North American audiences. Their tour de force performance was to be Zzbra, Stuey Kubrick's 1997 jungle masterpiece. From day one, there were problems on the set. Rumours say that Kubrick went millions of dollars over budget searching for the perfect elephant to play the boys whacky sidekick Cervantes. Which was just the beginning of the catastrophe that was Zzbra. There were rumours that Kubrick dosed the crew with acid, gave direction only in Esperanto and towards the end of the production served the crew a strict diet of raisins. After four years in production, the studio demanded Kubrick hand over the footage to re-cut the film as Jumanji 2: The Musical. Kubrick burned the film swearing they would never "Jumanji" him. The only remnant of Kubrick's masterpiece is the soundtrack made by Evil and Moka Only.
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