Pawz One: One, two, one two. What up? It's Pawz One representing We're at the Project Blowed Nineteenth Anniversary. We got none other than you already know. You already know who it is. Say what up, my man.
Aceyalone: If you know underground hip hop, you know who I am. My name is Aceyalone, the lonely one, the only one, from Leimert Park right here. Crew Freestyle Fellowship. LA Business, you know. We celebrating our nineteenth year anniversary. It's the building right here, Chaos Network where we put it down. Big shout out to Ben Caldwell and yeah, we getting it in. Medusa rocking, we been rocking all day long. It's been Project Blowed [inaudible 00:00:41]. People here and there. Some special appearances and stuff like that so ...
Big shout out to UndergroundHipHopBlog, man. You know what it is, man. Yo, support underground music, the good shit, man. Come out to these shows. Yeah. That's what it is.
Pawz One: So it's been nineteen plus years, I know there's, from The Good life and and all, even prior to that, you guys doing your thing. I wanna talk about the influence you guys have had all over the world. I see some people from Europe and all over here that came to celebrate the nineteenth year anniversary. How does that make you feel to have an influence on people that can't even speak English?
Aceyalone: That's beautiful, man. We all play a part. I play my part with the music I make and how we put this together and everybody else play they part. So all the different tentacles of what we do, they reach different people from different angles and it's a world wide thing. From Germany all the way over in Europe ... And I say Germany because that's where we had our little hub of people where it started getting beyond what we do here and then from Japan all the away around the globe in different places, different pockets. The influence is ... A lot of people don't know about the influence so that's why we keep it live. [inaudible 00:01:54]
But look, that's why we keep it live. That's why we celebrate every year, so you know what's up with the Project Blowed and all that. Original Stylers, Freestyle Fellowship, Myka 9, Medusa rocking live. So yeah, the influence is beautiful, man. Hopefully we just keep on going and moving in that direction. The art. We keep the art live.
Pawz One: You guys have been the originators, the innovators, all of the above, influencing a lot of artists that are in the top ten right now, people that ... Doing their thing. There's another one as we speak
Aceyalone: That's original OG Volume 10. That's right. [inaudible 00:02:32]
Pawz One: Little cameo real quick. That's a perfect example right there. Perfect example.
Aceyalone: All right we got Jah Orah in the place right here. Original Project Blowed.
Pawz One: Wanted to talk about some of the changes. Some of the changes in the game. There's too many to name and things like that, but let's say multimedia. Things like video games and movies, etc, things like that. You've been in a lot of video games, and I know cause I've been playing them and I've been hearing your music pop up and it always makes me feel good knowing where it comes from, so let's talk about the transition and the change and getting your music on some of these games and things like that.
Aceyalone:It's hard trying to get out there these days with a lot of people and so many artists out there and different people doing whatever. They get on they computer and they do they thing.
But you know, good thing we got a legacy, we got stuff behind us so it stands strong.
But yeah. Those opportunities come because we don't have really a radio thing like that going and all [inaudible 00:03:29] Our thing used to be hand to hand, word of mouth, through the mail and then as technology changed, as different things ... We got the internet [inaudible 00:03:38] Like this, so ... Yo peace. So in situations like that, I try to make sure my music get heard in different ways whether it's video games, whether it's just some TV shows, stuff like that. Kind of push in a different direction. A lot of people don't know really what's up until they hear it through the right channels unfortunately. So you gotta look for your music. I know this the underground blog, so look for your music and don't be taking everything that's shoved down your throat.
Pawz One: It's crazy how technology how technology makes it easier for the average dude that doesn't pay no dues, sets up a YouTube account, starts rapping in his bedroom and shit like that, but on the flip side of that, if there's good music out there on the internet, you can still dig for it and find it. That's the beautiful thing. People get turned onto your music let's say through a video game, go down that hole, go down the tunnel and find out all the stuff you've been doing forever and all the good music. Cause it's quality music in the end is what shines through beyond all the politics and everything else.
I wanted to talk to you about some of the future projects you got going on.
Aceyalone: Lately I've been trying to take my artistic thing in certain specific directions. I've been working with my man Bionik. The album previous to this we did this record called Aceyalone & Lonely Ones. It was a merge from 50's and 60's funk, a little doo wop in there. Just stuff I was influenced by. I'm hella creative on the other end of things. I kind of put certain things aside just so I can get off a lot of these artistic things I kind of wanted to do, so I hadn't been really all in the game like that as far as making a certain type of music.
But let me first explain it real quick. I got another album out right now. It's called Leaning on Slick. It's a continuation of that. That came out in May. If you ain't checked that out, go check that out. Bionik produced it, me and him. We went in and ... But I got lot's of new stuff coming in 2014. Got a new album coming out. I ain't gonna talk too much about it, but you gonna cuts released. I'ma show my face. I'ma show my face this year, man. Motherfuckers don't really know who I am, what I look like.
You really gotta get in the camera these days. I'm really not a camera person, man. So anybody watching that, I'm about to take it to that level. I'm just gonna say what the fuck I mean. I'ma do it all. I don't talk that much when it come to ... I'm talking a lot now but I'm just trying to keep it open, but I don't even be talking that much. So you gonna see a lot more of me. New albums, new music. Of course a lot of collaborations from Project Blowed, a lot of different people.
I can't speak on everybody's music, it's so much of it. But you can always check my catalog and all the rest of the Blowed catalog. Aceyalone, follow me on Twitter and all that. Keep your updates.
For booking, get at me. We do real live emcee shit, man. I get live on the mic. That's what I want y'all to know. I get live. I get busy. It's gonna be a tight show. I'm about that emceeing shit, so fuck with me on that. I produce music. I'm talking a lot of shit. I produce music, fuck with me on that. I got a SoundCloud.
You know, whatever. Holler at me, man. Big up UndergroundHipHopBlog.
Pawz One: I got one last question cause I see you itching to get back in the mix.
Aceyalone: Yeah I gotta get back over there.
Pawz One: Check it out. And it's a hard one too. What is your definition of underground? What's your definition, Aceyalone?
Aceyalone: Well, my definition of underground is that rooted shit. The shit that comes from some kind of inner passion to do it and not caring about or having too much interaction with the mainstream above media like that. Kind of like a grassroots movement and music that kind of circulates under the radar. We know what that is, but it's mainly from the passion and from the heart and from the turf. That's underground.
And it could be any kind of underground to me. It's like this type, South, West Coast, up North. Different shit. But that's how I look at it, man. I look at it like just deep rooted, from the soul and wherever that shit is created where y'all really feel that, and the rest of the world. And you ain't have that media to hold you up like that? Then that's underground. And it's also representing the community of artists and keeping the art alive and shit like that, and not just doing it for some motherfucking money and shit like that.
Even though money's good, but you know it ain't all about that per se, when you dealing with these arts and trying to progress it. So that's a crazy definition but that's what it is.
Rodney what's good?
Rodney: [inaudible 00:08:23]
Aceyalone: Yeah, man. You see what's going on. I got all my folks.
Rodney: Aceyalone, my man.
Aceyalone: All my family and folks all around.
Rodney: Get it. West Coast.
Aceyalone: Anyway. That's what's up, man. So I hope I answered your questions and whenever y'all wanna holler at me again ... Don't make this the one time. We gonna talk again.
Pawz One: Yeah, we'll catch up again.
Aceyalone: Okay, that's what's up. UndergroundHipHopBlog. Project Blowed Nineteen.
Pawz One: You already know. It's nineteen years Project Blowed. My name is Pawz One, that is Aceyalone, and you know you're tuned in. Peace.
Aceyalone: Yo, what up? This is Aceyalone, the lonely one, the only one. From the Freestyle Fellowship, Liemert Park, Los Angeles California and you're tuned into
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