Speaker 2: Yo what's up, east side of Detroit style Champtown. Footage Fa Dayz and we chillin' here with one of the Terror Squad members, you know what I'm sayin'? Big Pun, what's up homie?
Speaker 3: The deal baby, just chillin' out here ya know, holdin' it down till the squad's down.
Speaker 4: Word, word.
Speaker 3: Holdin' it down.
Speaker 4: Word.
Speaker 2: Welcome to home, Grand Rapids Michigan man we got to get you down in Detroit man, what's goin on man?
Speaker 3: Can't wait to come back down to Detroit, it's mad nice down there. [inaudible 00:00:51] 64 days though you know, so that's why I don't go.
Speaker 4: Word.
Speaker 2: So you see we chillin' here with Big Pun we gonna [inaudible 00:00:58] some of these first Big Pun videos and we'll be right back with Big Pun, Footage Fa Dayz, Champtown, Big Pun.
Yo, right back at you. Footage Fa Dayz style Champtown ... Chillin' with Big Pun. Congratulations man, first solo Latin rapper to go platinum, what's up with that? Tell me about it, ya'll have a platinum party yet? What's up?
Speaker 3: Had three or four of them already man, we have one more we need 3,000 to put outside, we throw another one next week we got 5,000 outside we throwin' them every week man.
Speaker 2: Word.
Speaker 3: Yeah so [inaudible 00:01:29] old crack habit of his go party, you know what I'm sayin'?
Speaker 2: Y'all aint goin' out to that, what's up?
Speaker 3: We workin' right now, we out here with you.
Speaker 4: Word, word, word.
Speaker 2: So ya'll will have to have another one for Joe Craig right?
Speaker 3: Doubt we have the cheddar today to go to there tomorrow.
Speaker 2: So how did the terror squad first get down together? You, Big Joe, you know what I'm sayin'? How did ya'll hook up and unite?
Speaker 3: Terror Squad always been a foundation, it's always been there. I came from outside, I broke the relationship with [inaudible 00:01:54]. Shown the prospect with me. So we already had our begininng, and Terror Squad is of hundreds of hundreds of cats. We R&B, you know what I mean?
Speaker 4: Word.
Speaker 3: It's been a family, before it was this, you know what I mean? So its always been there.
Speaker 4: Word.
Speaker 2: So let's tell me your favorite artisans you listenin' to now, man.
Speaker 3: I listen to [inaudible 00:02:12] right now. I don't got time for that, I know its the best. Terror Squad another R&B from [inaudible 00:02:20] I got the hardcore from triple stays and prospect. I got the smooth from Cuban Link, you know what I mean? I got my own crew.
Speaker 2: So that's what you listen to your own shit, right?
Speaker 3: Well its they shit, but its still hot.
Speaker 4: Word, word.
Speaker 2: Got a possie so strong you could lift a tank, rob a bank, huh?
Speaker 3: No doubt baby!
Speaker 4: Word, word.
Speaker 2: Yeah I was kicking' it with Cam'ron, man, he was up in Detroit, he said that's your dog. He said ya'll be hanging out a lot now man, and he called you for the Horse and Carriage remix you was all with that man. So what's up? Cam'ron just went gold as well, man.
Speaker 3: No doubt, he can't be kidding outside the game, and the way those strip clubs bouncing up and down, and the hotties are acting stupid all day. That's me and Cam.
Speaker 2: Word, word. Holla, holla. Hoodie, hoodie. We gon' wrap this up. We be right back to end this interview with the legendary Big Pun, out the gate platinum. First album, you know what I'm sayin'? And we be right back, Footage Fa Dayz, Big Pun, Champtown, Rodney L. on the camcorder, what's up? We'll be right back at you.
So yo Big Pun, what's going on man? What's next? What's the next album laying like? You workin' on that champ? What you coming with next? What's up Pun? Kick it for Detroit, let 'em know what's up.
Speaker 3: We just trying a nice big view for the second album, you know? So we probably real comfortable, but I still got one more single to drop over this album, 'cause the girls or whatever need this album and I'll drop Pun the single, so I'll drop that and then watch my next album, and Terror Squad album ... Cuban Link album. Soon we drop, the Terror Squad stop.
Speaker 4: Word, word.
Speaker 2: So what's up with [inaudible 00:03:42]? Is he down to Terror Squad, man, 'cause I see ya'll do a lot of collaborations together, you know what I'm sayin'?
Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:03:47] is definitely down with our peoples. That's our family, you know what I'm sayin'? Normally he's just hanging with us. That's right there, you know what I'm saying? That's our family.
Speaker 4: Word, word.
Speaker 2: Heard it live from Big Pun. Thanks for stopping by to show, man. Footage Fa Dayz, man. So what's up, where'd you get this from, man? I need one of them, man. Might have to put mine on layaway and shit though.
Speaker 3: Yeah that's the Terror Squad, this a little bit of the foundation.
Speaker 2: Zoom in on that shit. That's some footage right there.
Speaker 4: Word.
Speaker 3: Yeah man.
Speaker 2: Terror Squad. So what's up? Any movies for you, man? You like you got a good sense of humor and shit. You be talkin' mad shit on the album on running the trains and all that. What's up, Pun?
Speaker 3: Yeah we do a little movies. Yeah I got a movie right now I'm doing. I've been doing a lot of soundtracks with ... I'm doing a lot of [inaudible 00:04:26] right now, but you'll see me on the cover just popping up, you know?
Speaker 4: Word, word.
Speaker 2: We up out of here, Footage Fa Dayz. Who there? Who there? Hello? Big Pun, Champtown, we out of here. Peace!
Speaker 1: Footage Fa Dayz, nigga!

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