Biz Markie (born Marcel Theo Hall on April 8, 1964) is a hip-hop jack-of-all-trades as a DJ, beatboxer, and rapper. In 1989, he released his biggest hit Just a Friend Platinum record that peaked at #9 on the Billboard charts with an equally iconic video. Since then, the image of Biz Markie sitting at a piano dressed as Mozart is seared into hip-hop’s collective memory forever. After his collaboration with rapper Roxanne Shant, “Def Fresh Crew,” the burgeoning beatboxer and jokester joined the hip-hop group, Juice Crew. During this time, the famous moniker Clown Prince of Hip Hop came to be. Before his crossover single, Just a Friend, Biz’s debut album Goin Off featured classics Vapors and Making the Music with Your Mouth, Biz which predominately displayed the rapper’s humor and beatbox talents. Finally, in 1991 his album I Need a Haircut became a landmark when it resulted in a lawsuit for using an unauthorized sample on a track titled “Alone Again.” The case led to a ruling that required all samplings preapproval by copyright owners changing the hip-hop world forever. In the 2000s, Markie ventured into the TV world joining the cast of Celebrity Fit Club, Nick Canon’s Wild ‘N Out, with appearances on the children’s Show Yo Gabba Gabba! In 2016, Markie joined the “I Love the 90s” Tour alongside Kid n’ Play, Salt n’ Pepa, Coolio, and many others. That same year he reunited with the Juice Crew for shows in the East Coast. Currently, Biz Markie DJs all over the world.

Speaker 2: So what brings you to town, my man.
Biz Markie: I'd doing some birthday party at Knockout.
Speaker 2: You're DJ-ing now, right?
Biz Markie: I been DJ-ing since 90, 91.
Speaker 2: I know Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest, he stated out as a DJ before he started rapping. Was it always your passion to be a DJ?
Biz Markie: I always wanted to DJ my DJ always DJs, so I always wanted to do it.
Speaker 2: Yeah man, to me, you're legendary. You probably hear this all the time, I'm one of your biggest fans, man, from Just a Friend to Vapors. I couldn't wait to go buy a piece of raggedy car just to ride around to I Got The Vapors or whatever. And then with the whole T-shirt, pajama, long T-shirt thing back in the day.
Biz Markie: Pants sagging.
Speaker 2: Yeah. There was a craze throughout the country. Everyone was wearing those shirts. I haven't seen that done since Cameron and the pink T-shirts, man. You are real hip-hop icon, man.
Biz Markie: I just like to have fun in hip-hop Hip-hop is a whole race to me. It's different type of language. Hip hop is what you live.
Speaker 2: Do you think there's been any drastic changes in hip-hop lately?
Biz Markie: I think it's more corporate now, and there's more followers instead of leaders.
Speaker 2: Right, right right. Because you were more or less like, the fun rapper.
Biz Markie: I was just different.
Speaker 2: Yeah, most definitely.
Biz Markie: A lot of people, they confuse hip-hop with the G rap and the party music, it seems like there are different levels of hip-hop now. That's why I was asking if you noticed any changes.
Speaker 2: Hip-hop aint like what we used to be when we were younger, but we're older now, so we're never gonna loo at how the young people look at hip-hop.
Biz Markie: I understand that. Are you on the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, anything like that?
Speaker 2: I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I got Yo Gabba Gabba.
Biz Markie: So the whole nine yards, huh.
Speaker 2: Yeah. We welcome you to our city man. We hope you come back and we hope you have a good time.
Biz Markie: Oh yeah.
Speaker 2: I gotta shake your hand on camera. I'm one of your biggest fans.
Biz Markie: Shout out to Nelly Nell, too.
Speaker 2: Exactly, exactly. So does Jackie want to say anything?
Biz Markie: Oh yeah, hold up hold up, my man plays for Saint Louis Rams.
Speaker 2: Okay.
Biz Markie: My man [inaudible 00:02:55]
Speaker 2: Here we have - [crosstalk 00:02:57]
Biz Markie: My hand, like this.
Speaker 2: Wow. So miss Jackie, happy holidays, how you doing?
Jackie: Happy Holiday to you.
Biz Markie: Come on in here baby girl.
Jackie: We got Biz Markie in the house.
Biz Markie: And I'm always coming here every time I land now, from now on.
Jackie: [inaudible 00:03:16]
Biz Markie: I can't tell everybody what I eat, because I'm on a diet, but it's the weekend, so I'm allowed to cheat.
Jackie: We appreciate you stopping in the world-famous Rib Shack.
Biz Markie: The food is incredible here.
Jackie: If you need limo service -
Biz Markie: He's the official driver.
Jackie: This is the best man. This is my guy Mr. Terry. You call him.
Speaker 4: Driver One Transportation.
Biz Markie: That's right.
Speaker 4: We only do the private people.
Biz Markie: You know.
Speaker 2: So, contact information, you give the phone number and let them know.
Speaker 4:314-5903-3208. I'm on Instagram, Driver One Transportation. I take care of my people.
Biz Markie: That's right.
Yo, this is Biz Markie and you're watching Block DVD, in the loop.

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