Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Jason and Fonzie.
Speaker 2: We love the 80s.
Speaker 3: Yeah man.
Speaker 2: What did you say?
Speaker 4: What's that other girl on Scooby Doo? The one with the glasses.
Speaker 1: Velma? Daphne, she was cute.
Speaker 4: Which one with the glasses? Velma, yeah yeah I like that one.
Speaker 2: Solving the mysteries.
Speaker 4: Nobody wanted to hit Thelma, everybody wanted that Daphne, right?
Speaker 2: The Mystery Machine.
Speaker 1: What about the monsters they always had on that show?
Speaker 2: It was corny, man.
Speaker 1: I knew it was Mr. Phillips!
Speaker 2: Yeah. Stupid.
Speaker 4: Scooby Doo man, back that it was stupid but it is mad whack now.
Speaker 1: The Phantom was one of the creatures.
Speaker 2: Ah yeah.
Speaker 1: The 10,000 volt monster, remember that guy? He was running around.
Speaker 4: Oh, in the intro right?
Speaker 1: Yeah, he was running around with like an electric suit on. It's a 10,000 volt monster.
Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 4: Damn, taking it back man, used to come on with the little demons with the eyes opening up.
Speaker 1: Yeah. What about commercials back then? Old, like the cavity creeps?
Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah man.
Speaker 1: What happened to them?
Speaker 3: The priest was just talking about depravity. No the crusty.
Speaker 1: New crest Joe, new crest Joe.
Speaker 5: What about the Indian with the tear in his eye? The guy was just standing next to the pollution.
Speaker 1: Oh right! I forgot about that one. Ah man, on the side of the parkway.
Speaker 5: Yeah, he was just standing there with the tear.
Speaker 1: What was that for? Like, don't pollute.
Speaker 5: Yeah, that was don't pollute.
Speaker 1: Man, you brought it back!
Speaker 3: Yo, what about the dog from Crime Wizards?
Speaker 2: McGruff. Word.
Speaker 3: Ah yeah yeah. What's it called, the jolly green giant?
Speaker 5: Ahhh man. Yeah he still got a little play right now.
Speaker 3: Yeah it's like he still got his job right now, right?
Speaker 1: Yeah, the Indian. Always getting his find.
Speaker 3: What about the old lady, the "Where's The Beef" lady?
Speaker 1: Wasn't it two ladies?
Speaker 3: Nah it was ... somebody got sued, right? One of them was on Different Strokes I think, man.
Speaker 2: Oh yeah she did play on Different Strokes, the old lady with the glasses.
Speaker 3: She blew up, right? After awhile.
Speaker 1: Where's the beef ... I thought there was a ...
Speaker 3: She was on the Golden Girls.
Speaker 1: Oh yeah.
Speaker 3: She out of a job right now, yeah.
Speaker 1: I don't think she's alive anymore.
Speaker 3: Matter of fact, she was on The Facts of Life, you don't remember?
Speaker 2: Nah. [crosstalk 00:03:14]
Speaker 6: What's up with Blair?
Speaker 2: Ah, Blair was banging [crosstalk 00:03:19] back then.
Speaker 1: Yeah, Blair's about this big now. Blair blew up.
Speaker 2: Yeah, Blair ....
Speaker 1: But the Indian, I can't get over the Indian commercial.
Speaker 2: That's taking it back, man. I saw someone just standing there.
Speaker 1: It was a commercial, I guess people were polluting the reservations.
Speaker 2: Yeah.[crosstalk 00:03:37]
Speaker 1: And he was standing on a hill, there was a parkway down below, and there was a tear in his eye. We shouldn't be laughing.
Speaker 3: It was like subliminal, man. It was in every little kid's head.
Speaker 1: I never littered, I still don't because of that. Because of the Indian.
Speaker 3: That was real. [crosstalk 00:03:59]
Speaker 5: Pics, pics, pics.
Speaker 3: Ohhh. Yo that was taking it back, pics pics.
Speaker 5: That's like, that's WHT era.
Speaker 1: Wait, did you guys ... are you all from New York?
Speaker 5: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Did you guys get the U channel, do you remember that?
Speaker 5: Yeah yeah, I remember the U channel.
Speaker 1: There's a few channels that you could get like ...
Speaker 5: That was on your television set.
Speaker 1: Yeah!
Speaker 4: You had the black and white exclusive.
Speaker 3: Oh you talking about with the big line?
Speaker 4: Yeah, the U channel.
Speaker 1: That was like an alternative channel, that had like B movies and concerts and stuff.
Speaker 4: Yeah, lots of those channels never worked.
Speaker 1: No, they didn't.
Speaker 4: Pirate TV channels.
Speaker 1: So we're here with Black Mark, and Killa Priest.
Speaker 3: That's right baby.
Speaker 2: That's right, BM, no baby mothers on the black market.
Speaker 1: Reminiscing about the 80s.
Speaker 3: Yeah man, we like to do that sometimes.
Speaker 1: Yeah.
Speaker 3: Just take it back man, I'm just looking through the paper right now. What's up out there?
Speaker 2: Yo, what's good? [crosstalk 00:05:02] England, London, what's good London?
Speaker 6: Yeah London, the album's gonna be fire, man. You know, we can't wait for it to drop. It's gonna be on March 22nd, again, it's gonna be banging.
Speaker 1: Who's doing production on this record now?
Speaker 6: We got a whole lotta different people [crosstalk 00:05:17]
Speaker 2: Got Ronald Browns, [crosstalk 00:05:20]
Speaker 6: We got some cats from the UK.
Speaker 1: Get outta here.
Speaker 6: Yeah.
Speaker 2: Yeah, God's wrath.
Speaker 6: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Nice.
Speaker 2: We got our Holland.
Speaker 1: They got some good producers out there [crosstalk 00:05:29]
Speaker 6: Big up to Holland. Holla.
Speaker 2: Yeah yeah. They treat hip-hop like ...
Speaker 1: Royalty.
Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 1: I went over there once ... This has gotta be in the late, no early 90s. There was a billboard in the subway for GangStarr.
Speaker 2: Wow.
Speaker 1: You don't see that in New York.
Speaker 2: Yeah. Damn.
Speaker 1: Yeah like a huge billboard the size of that wall there for GangStarr.
Speaker 6: That's crazy.
Speaker 1: They know more about American hip-hop then we do.
Speaker 6: I know man, it's sad.
Speaker 1: And they constantly pay tribute to the old stuff.
Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Like we were talking about earlier, all of the mid to late 80s ... They still play that on the radio out there.
Speaker 2: [crosstalk 00:06:10]
Speaker 3: They come to these shows with the album from their crib, right? Like sign this, with the catalog literally slapping in your face like "Yo" here, I got your whole catalog. They be serious with it man, it's like you can't help but respect them back, man. You know what I mean?
Speaker 1: [crosstalk 00:06:27] The first time I saw Cool Herc was in the UK, oddly enough.
Speaker 2: Yeah that's where a lot of hip-hop pioneers is at right now, overseas like Afrika Bambaataa, you know, Jazzy Jay.
Speaker 1: Yeah, he was playing like everything from the beginning up to the late 80s. And kids were break-dancing, doing head spins on stage.
Speaker 3: Yeah.
Speaker 1: Yeah, I was like what? You don't see this in New York anymore. Or anywhere in America.
Speaker 2: Unless there's a budget.
Speaker 1: Yeah, exactly.
Speaker 2: Budget ... you get some poppas.
Speaker 1: So do you guys want to do a little verses here?
Speaker 3: No, paint style or freestyle? You want us to verse it or reverse it? Reverse is saying it backwards.
Speaker 1: Yeah, [crosstalk 00:07:18] all right well I'll just pick some beats and if you guys aren't feeling them, then too bad.
Speaker 5: All right we're gonna say Father Father.
Speaker 1: That means change the beat? I'll try and be quick, but you know. All right. Do you guys want to go now or ...
Speaker 5: Father Father.
Speaker 1: You're delirious.
Speaker 4: Yeah man, it's kinda late so you know.
Speaker 3: Yeah, it's early in the morning. People that are waking up right now going to work.
Speaker 5: All the graveyard shift workers right now.
Speaker 3: All you CO's and judges getting ready to go to court tomorrow. [crosstalk 00:07:55]
Speaker 4: Freestyle or paid style?
Speaker 1: All right let's see what happens.
Speaker 4: That's the part when you open up the door. Yeah dawg, you just caught doing what you ain't supposed to be doing. This is the freestyle beat right here.
Speaker 2: Nature's Sounds.
Speaker 5: Yeah yeah.
Speaker 2: Pick up our Rugged Man.
Speaker 5: Die Rugged Man, Die in stores.
Speaker 2: We doing it on Noah's Ark right now.
Speaker 5: Say Live Rugged Man, Live. That's the remake.

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