Black Moon a trio backronymed as Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On Nations is composed of members Buckshot, 5ft and DJ Evil Dee (of Da Beatminerz). The group got it right on the first try, with their 1992 debut single “Who Got Da Props?” bubbling in the underground before going on to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. With the guidance of DJ Chuck Chillout, the group signed a deal with Nervous Records, resulting in their first studio album, Enta da Stage, being released in 1993. The full-length debut was met with critical acclaim, selling over 350,000 copies and has since stood the test of time, with many hailing the work as a classic. Despite garnering early success with their first release, the group disbanded for a handful of years, in part due to an ongoing legal battle regarding the licensing rights of their name. Later picking up where they left off in 1999 and finding a new home at Duck Down Records, Black Moon released their anticipated follow-up War Zone, a project that went on to receive positive reviews but wasn’t able to match the sales of their eminent debut. Continuing the habitual routine of taking a hiatus in-between projects, as the group members went on to establish their own individual careers and endeavors, Black Moon later re-joined forces in 2003, releasing their third studio album, Total Eclipse. The Brooklyn-bred trio later confirmed in 2011 that another album was officially in the works, with the details surrounding the speculated release still remaining a matter of mystery.

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