Dres: I think it's way back there, but man I'm tired.
Speaker 1: I don't really want to want ... This niggers so major, but anyway the whole concept is Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York City and Dres from Black Sheep. The major new group.
Dres: Trying to have it going on.
Speaker 1: On Mercury Records.
Dres: Right. They got it going on.
Speaker 1: My man Ed Eckstein, pulled you guys into the stable.
Dres: Yeah.
Speaker 1: I like Ed Eckstein, and Lisa Cortez up there.
Dres: Lisa, Dave Gosset.
Speaker 1: Got a cool posse running you all situation.
Dres: Definitely.
Speaker 1: Definitely on the fashion tip. You definitely kind of got it going on. I mean, it's a little ... a little different-
Dres: A little of this, a little of that.
Speaker 1: You know, what I'm saying I kind of like it. Like in the Black Sheep video is that an Armani suit or something?
Dres: Yeah, first one yeah, believe it or not yeah. I mean, you know, we're more lines from Timberland to Armani. So, I guess it's like a G casual type of thing. Not GQ, but G casual.
Speaker 1:G cas, right here you heard it first. Yo MTV Raps, the major flavor. The flavor of the month. The flavor of the year. You know, what I'm saying and Native Tongues a group of different rap groups. Including Queen Latifah, A Tribe Called Quest.
Dres: Jungle Brothers.
Speaker 1: Jungle Brothers, Collective, Digital Underground all of that.
Dres: Oh, Digital, yeah, they swing through. Everybody's piece, but it's basically ... I'd say it's a collective band of bands.
Speaker 1: Yes.
Dres: That kind of bonded together that had innovation and being, you know, being masses of what they were trying to pick their art in common. Everybody found out they could vibe off of each other. It was crazy cool and it just blew up from there.
Speaker 1: Do Native Tongues get together and have meetings and stuff like that or is it just a vibe amongst the group?
Dres: Basically, I would say, but it's more of a vibe than it is anything like as far as direct movement as everybody meets and there's no paperwork type of thing. It's more or less a brotherhood a kinship.
Speaker 1:Cool, cool.
Dres: Just like in any family you have ups, downs, sometimes family members collide or whatever. But, true family sticks that out and just endures. I love some brothers that set an example a lot.
Speaker 1: That's real cool. I like that flavor in the hip hop community. Now, let's go on a tour of their videos. We got something by De La Soul-
Dres: De La and Mquest.
Speaker 1: De La Soul and the jazz.
Dres: Quest got the jazz and De La's keeping the faith.
Speaker 1: Yo, you're on MTV Raps back to back and we'll be back with more Black Sheep.
Check this though, we walked all the way around to read this, but check it. Meadow opens for cross country skiing when there's 6 inches of snow cover. It's just about before Christmas and it's about 60 degrees in New York City today. So, anyway-
Dres: I think we out of here. We can't get in there.
Speaker 1: And we won't be going in there. But, tell me a little bit about ... about your idol.
Dres: A wolf in sheep's clothing?
Speaker 1: A wolf in sheep's clothing.
Dres: I think it kind of flew past a few people, but it basically is the type of thing that makes a statement that says it's something that it's not. It gives the appearance of you know something that's not really going on. It's a mentality you know what I'm saying, it kicks a lot of mentality on the album. A lot of negative things are portrayed. Blown up so that people can kind of take a look at it. You know what I'm saying. To look at their own self.
Speaker 1: So, you ... there's some deep thought involved in the process that you guys are engaging in. It's not just the superficial dancing, you know-
Dres: No, no far from it, far from it. Definitely.
Speaker 1: There's some art at work right here and also some art at work in the video. The new video, which we're getting ready to see by the way.
Dres: The Choice is Yours.
Speaker 1: You also managed to get some messages in there.
Dres: Right. The Choice is Yours, it's basically a song that says you can get with this or you can get with that. It's about making informed, you know, intelligent choices, which people need to be making in society today. Drugs, this [inaudible 00:03:42], but we all make mistakes. You know, what I'm saying learn from them, grow from them. Know what you're getting into before you get into it. It's the type of thing that says yo, the choice is yours and there is a choice. You can get with this or you can get with that.
Speaker 1: That's right. A message to the youth that of course when you're making that choice do the right thing. So, yo you ready to walk off out of here?
Dres: Ain't got nothing else to do.
Speaker 1: We ain't got nothing else to do.
Dres: I know we can't get no cab.
Speaker 1: We got a car right over there. How about your video?
Dres: The Choice is Yours right here on Yo MTV Raps.
Speaker 1: Oh, yeah, international style as we step off out of here. Peace.
Dres: Later man.

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