Speaker 2: Now you were part of the Queens Bridge hip hop wars back in the day, the whole shit when Marley [Kerris 00:00:15] won. How did that come about?
Speaker 1: Well you know, Kerris won, you know what I'm saying. That's my man now, you know what I'm saying. We gangster now with it, bro. We had drama back in the days. He came out of Queens Bridge disrespecting the hood, talking about the Bridge is over, South Bronx and all that shit, so. You know, I just felt it was my job to come in and represent, know what I mean? Because Shan wasn't coming hard enough to me. Shan is my man, what up Shan? Yo, I gotta come hard, I gotta say something for the hood, you know what I'm saying? This is my motherfucking hood too.
Speaker 2: If you did Hell is Breaking Loose today, who of [crosstalk 00:00:50]
Speaker 1: All Hell is Breaking Loose? No, just like then, I would go at the top, you know what I mean? That's what I did. I ain't doing it trying to pull shit, I was going at the top because I wanted to be that best motherfucker, so of course I would have to go at the best motherfuckers and everybody who they saying's the best niggas. You know, I would have to go after Biff, you know what I'm saying? I would have to go at Jigger. I would have to go [Jayder at 00:01:13], I would have to go at all the motherfuckers that niggas, know what I'm saying, praise, know what I'm saying? They say it ain't hell, so you know I have to go at them. But you know, that's some other shit, you know?
Speaker 2: You're still living in the same area. How has life changed?
Speaker 1: I'ma always be in the hood, [hall 00:01:29] body forever. Ain't nothing really changed, know what I'm saying? Everything that changes stays the same, man. You know, just time goes by, man.
Speaker 2: If you weren't doing this hip hop show, what do you think you'd be doing?
Speaker 1: If there was no hip hop, that's a better question. You know what I'm saying? If there was no hip hop, what would I be doing? 'Cause you know what I'm saying, as long as there's hip hop, I'm gonna be doing hip hop, making beats, you know what I'm saying, [up a deuce 00:01:49]. I know how to fuck with the MP, I'm nice. Believe me, I been watching niggas like Marley, my man Rockwell Noel, DJ Scratch, Primo, I been watching these niggas for years. I'm nicer on the beats, kid had me in a minute.
Speaker 2: You gotta take us in a time capsule real quick. Because you knew all these guys when they were really young.
Speaker 1: Yeah man, I remember being in Marley crib, you know, Marley crib on 12th street, you know what I'm saying, when he lived with his sister Belle, on 12th street, you know what I mean. It ain't no secret, I ain't saying nothing niggas don't know. The whole fucking juice crew recorded up there. Everybody recorded on 12th street, know what I'm saying? So Pablo, Rock Kim, Pemmy D, everybody who came to Queens Bridge to record on 12th street, Marley Marl crib. He used to always play the shit out the window and see motherfuckers' head bop. That's when he know he got a banger.
Speaker 2: What's the black poet take on the Obama administration thus far?
Speaker 1: My take on it is, it ain't nothing. It's another job that's been filled, know what I mean? That's all that is.
Speaker 2: Who are two rappers you'd like to work with in the near future that you haven't gotten up with yet?
Speaker 1: I don't know. You know, I gotta get in touch with myself, man, you know what I mean? I gotta get it popping, you know what I'm saying? I got a lot of shit to say right now. There's so many dudes out there that's gangster, that's nice, I could fuck with that, I feel, you know what I mean? But I just got a lot of shit that I gotta say and get off my chest first, before I start thinking about collaborating with other motherfuckers like that, you know what I mean?
I did fuck with Nori on a album, you know on the album. Nori's nice, man. Nori's always been gangster, always been nice. He's got his own style of crazy in his worries, he's just a whole different animal.
Speaker 2: Now you and him have been friends for a while though.
Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, ever since [no 00:03:28]. Niggas throwing things in the hood, you know, way before this rap shit, you know, before he started rhyming, you know, in the hood changing money back and forth, you know. Check it.
(rapping) You motherfuckers better duck, why?
Black Poe, I ain't playing. Bullet's aint got no name, them shit's ricocheting.
I told y'all niggas a long time ago, many rhymes ago, Beware Black Poe.
Now y'all niggas wanna talk about it, blog about it. Nigga, I been boss hog about it.
I been going crazy on these motherfucking streets, I been laying down pure fucking heat.
I been getting it in with the primos and petes. Recognize the true beast from the east.
Got you hypnotized, that's when I had my blood feast. Do your homework, that's when you find out what's beef.
Y'all motherfuckers ain't ready for Poe, fire-breathing dragon, flame out my nose.
I got enemies running the team up, I got a bigger mess that Obama got to clean up.
Whoever want to test, we can make a big fuss, we can make a big mess, we can let the guards bust.
(spoken) You know, it's nothing man, we just go hard about it.
Speaker 2: The East is in the house, oh my god.
Speaker 1: It's on, man.
Speaker 2: Thank you for holding us down, man. I appreciate it. Undergroundhiphop.com, Black Poet.
Speaker 1: Screw ball, rest in peace. We coming, ain't nothing changed, baby.
Exit music: (sung) When I pop through the hood, you know when I'm popping, ain't nothing changed. You know what's on.
When I pop through the hood, you know when I'm popping, ain't nothing changed. You know what's on.
When I pop through the hood, it's like [inaudible 00:04:54], ain't nothing changed punk, what you gonna do, man?

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