Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Blueprint is a rapper and producer who helped foster the Midwest’s reputation as an unlikely hub for experimental and esteemed hip-hop. After being introduced to the genre in elementary school through his cousin, Blueprint began freestyling in high school and later elevated his interest in hip-hop while attending Wittenberg University. After meeting fellow lyricists Inkwell and Manifest—who would later all go on to form the crew the Greenhouse Effect—Blueprint began cultivating his talents and participating in open mics, emcee battles, and talent shows, including the 1996 Columbus Hip-Hop Expo.

As he began garnering attention with Greenhouse Effect (currently known as Greenhouse, consisting of Blueprint and Illogic), Blueprint founded the imprint Weightless Recordings in 1999. Following the release of the crew’s first self-released project, the Up to Speed EP, Blueprint began producing for the likes of Vast Aire, Murs, and Aesop Rock. In 2001, he began working with DJ/producer RJD2, using the group name Soul Position. After the release of the Unlimited EP and 8,000,000 Stories LP with RJD2 via Rhymesayers Entertainment, Blueprint shifted gears and began crafting his first full-length albums: The Weightroom (2003) and Chamber Music (2004). A year later, he made his debut as a solo artist on Rhymesayers with the release of 1988.

For his 2011 self-produced solo release, Adventures in Counter-Culture, Blueprint’s creativity led him to reinvent his sound entirely, drawing influences from rock, electronic, and hip-hop alike. With over a decade’s worth of original material under his belt—including nine solo LPs, several projects with RJD2 and a vast array of guest appearances—Blueprint is renowned for his versatility, his distinctive voice, and his boundless creativity.

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