Speaker 2: Well I'm here with a part of the Boot Camp Clip, why don't y'all introduce yourselves?
General Steele: I'm General Steele.
Big Rock: Big Rock.
speaker 6: I'm just saying happy birthday to my PNC General Steele tech and a man do what he do.
Speaker 2: And this guy right here that doesn't want to say anything.
DJ Logic: I'm DJ Logic.
Speaker 2: Okay.
speaker 6: He toke with his hands.
General Steele: It's crazy when you perform in Maryland cause it's not like ripping the building because we've performed in Maryland so many times like, it's like performing for your fans who care about your family and your rap.
Speaker 2: All right. Well what do everybody get together.
speaker 6: Twenty plus.
Speaker 2: Okay.
speaker 6: Twenty plus, we actually one of our other childhood friends in his Dominican H, he's been with us for a long time and rest in piece Sean Price. This is actually, I'm gonna say welcome home to Dominican H and rest in piece to my other friend, Male Card he's put a lot of people in the industry.
General Steele:Word up.
speaker 6: Things that they do, the impositions for them, so you know just to say that real quick.
Speaker 1: (Singing)
Speaker 2: Tell me we should know some what the music would be if I have them mentors.
Big Rock: I mean, I don't know what they doing right now. I don't know who's got mentors or nothing cause I'm really focusing on what we doing cause you know, although a lot of people might not know, we doing a lot of promotion for us and the new album and we're working on, you know there's a lot of shit that-
Speaker 2: Right.
Big Rock: You know what I'm saying? So you kind of get caught up in a vacuum, you can't really pay, you can't pay too much attention, especially if it's some shit that you aint really feeling.
Speaker 2: Right.
Big Rock: Why would you pay a bunch attention to that? You know what I'm saying? You've got to keep, you know, get your talent vision up, do what you do to keep you focused. So I don't know what these niggas doing, I don't know.
General Steele: We grew up in that sound where we would laugh at [crosstalk 00:03:43] you know what I'm saying like we had to really focus on what feels good. You know, I mean that's what Boot Camp's about. I got on the phone so what you know, and I think that every artist that's out right now, like even artists that we don't like, they should get in with their team and they're saying, "Well we got a good bond to get it popping, he's gonna like us."
Speaker 2: okay.
General Steele: So we're gonna do it like this and you know rock out. So it's not really about what everybody else is doing and this is what I think that brought us a lot.
Speaker 2: And based off what you guys are doing, you have a new project coming?
General Steele: Yeah, Building Bridges project. Yeah, it's-
Big Rock: I'm on that.
General Steele: Ladies and gentleman, introducing.
Speaker 1: (Singing)
Speaker 2: Songs and everything, how can they find you?
General Steele: They can find us on duckdown.com
Speaker 8: Right on, don't get too disrespectful now. Hold on.
General Steele: We own all the social networks, all of the families there. Rock Monster.
Big Rock: Yeah, I got a website rockmonster.com and we on all the social media, you know? General Steele on Instagram, Tex smoking loud.
General Steele: And twitter.
Speaker 8: You hit him, you hit me man. Just bad shit. Just don't be disrespectful.
General Steele: Rocco's niggas baby.
Speaker 1: (Singing)
speaker 6: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. It's important to do what you want to do, so that's how we're gonna do it tonight.
General Steele: Yo, can somebody say, That I love how y'all talk out here man. How y'all say pubes somebody say it.
Speaker 9: Pubes
speaker 6: I fuck with y'all. I just love when you'll say it. Say it again please.
Speaker 9: Pubes.
General Steele: All things to be considered, like the good, bad and the ugly. We came from a place that we were supposed to all been dead already.
Speaker 2: You know what I'm saying?
General Steele: So we survived through this thing and this is where we ate right now. So when I'm celebrating my birthday and I'm looking at kings and queens, I'm in a great space so-
speaker 6: I'm right here. 66 and roll, Boot Camp Smith and Weston, you see how we man. New York, be more. Do what it do.
Speaker 2: So we're in back[crosstalk 00:07:31] with Steele, Rock, Tex.
speaker 6: That's the greatest.
Speaker 2: That's right.
Speaker 1: (Singing)

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