When I look back at where I've come, what I've been able to accomplish, and what this music has done for me, I really didn't do so bad. You know? I should appreciate where I'm at. Little lessons like that in the comics help me out a lot of times. So keeping up with that whole theme what you can expect from me is now I'm getting inspired by comic book artists, I'm reading a lot of comics, getting my pencils together, and I'm getting ready to work on a comic book right now. I'm going to take an indefinite hiatus from music for the foreseeable future so that I can just focus on ... Would you stop ... Forgive me y'all, the dog needs to go inside. He can't be outside the park without crying and what not ... I'm going to focus on drawing comics.
I have a comic book I'm working on with a writer by the name of Dave Grilley. It's called "The Wrench." It's twist on the whole superhero genre. It's like 21 Jump Street meets Xmen. That's all I have to say about it right there, I'm not going to give up too much. You'll be seeing some samples coming soon at BreezArt.com. Currently my last album is for sale right now, it's called "As He Goes On." It's available on iTunes, Amazon, all those outlets. This album right here is everything I've wanted to say in one album, and I feel really happy leaving the game on this note right here. [Music]

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