Ice Cube:Bumping and banging.
Big Boy:Big Boy in the morning.
Speaker 4:Big Boy!
Big Boy:All right it's always a pleasure to see this person up in here man. Bust you good on your volume?
Busta Rhymes:Yeah I'm trying to get it together.
Big Boy:All right.
Busta Rhymes:I'm a get it together.
Big Boy:Cool and the Game. You got me Bust?
Busta Rhymes:We good.
Big Boy:All right here we go.
Busta Rhymes:How I'm sounding?
Big Boy:There he is.
Busta Rhymes:There we go now we right.
Big Boy:Show you right. We got Busta Rhymes up in here man. Bust it's a pleasure to see you again.
Busta Rhymes:Always a pleasure to see you too my brother.
Big Boy:You good energy man. Good energy.
Busta Rhymes:Come on you the greatest energy though.
Big Boy:Yeah I am, I am man.
Busta Rhymes:You the only one to bring this thing out of me this early in the morning.
Big Boy:I heard that. We begin ... But we be abusing you too sometimes but we getting concerts out of you
Busta Rhymes:Nah I aint gone lie you definitely do it. The only people get the energy out of me besides you is if I got a court case in the morning.
Big Boy:Right and that's been a long time Bust.
Busta Rhymes:Long time.
Big Boy:You know that's been a long time.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah we don't do those no more.
Big Boy:So what's going on with Busta Rhymes right now man? Busta Rhymes the business, the brand though you know what I'm saying? What's happening with you?
Busta Rhymes:A lot of amazing things man and I'm proud to definitely see a whole new, again additional evolution process and the whole growth of the Busta Rhymes experience where we can now look at just another chapter to the legacy with this conglomerate movement.
Big Boy:Yessir.
Busta Rhymes:That we got.
Big Boy:Now we gotta explain what conglomerate, just the whole movement also.
Busta Rhymes:The conglomerate is just it started off as, just an idea. You know I wanted ... I felt like it was time to just reinvent and get some new fresh energy. You know I was around some incredible inspiration at the time when it became an idea 'bout seven, eight years ago. And the original member that is still a part of this team is J-Doe which is an Englewood native.
Big Boy:Hello.
Busta Rhymes:You know what I'm saying.
Big Boy:I love how you saw it though. You know what I'm saying?
Busta Rhymes:Yeah.
Big Boy:Like because I remember J, he used to come around though, we used to be like man get away from us. You know what I'm saying? Remember J did though, he would be like ' I write' I be like man I write. You know what I'm saying like, 'want to get in' I be like man I'm in. You know what I'm saying? But naw Bust ...
Busta Rhymes:That's true.
Big Boy:For a person that really has the talent, the catalog, you know what I'm saying, and still get on stage and kill everybody. You can go in the studio which I know somethings coming and kill everybody.
Busta Rhymes:Oh yeah.
Big Boy:Why get out of artist mode, you know what I'm saying? Or just get out of the mode because there's no riding into the sunset where you like man I got it. You know what I'm saying?
Busta Rhymes:Right.
Big Boy:And so I wonder if that's a pressure jade on you and cats like Genesis, like man this is a Messiah we messing with. You know what I'm saying? Like is there a pressure there J? Like man like I know.
Big Boy:Like this dude can get it for himself so I can't come ... Not that you would come half ass, but you know you can't.
J-Doe:Right no I don't think it's ... Nah it used to be a pressure.
Big Boy:Right.
J-Doe:But I think once you get to be involved with these artists, especially with Busta, you realize that he aint make a decision to go find somebody, somebody naturally came into his ...
Big Boy:I hear you.
J-Doe:You know what I'm saying. And he chose to take that opportunity. He saw something. He had a vision, and he's seeing out his vision just like I'm seeing out my vision.
Big Boy:I heard that.
J-Doe:I didn't present it.
Big Boy:Like you know you gone work hard.
J-Doe:Exaclty and I done presented to him like, 'yo give me some money and lets make something happen', we came together and seen a vision individually.
Big Boy:Bust what's going down album wise with you boy?
Busta Rhymes:Man I just finished ...
Big Boy:Oh God.
Busta Rhymes:I'm at the 85 percent mark of this exclusive level event too.
Big Boy:Can I have it?
Busta Rhymes:This is the first album I was able to apply all of the years of experience, all of the information that I done sponged up, all of the relationships that I done built and established. You know what I'm saying? In a way where I wasn't on nobody's schedule.
Big Boy:Right I hear you.
Busta Rhymes:You know I wasn't on nobody's budgets, you know what I'm saying? I wasn't in a situation where I had to deal with stipulations from other powers that be that might have been involved.
Big Boy:Because this is yo situation now?
Busta Rhymes:Yeah, this is mine. So it's like you know, even before I knew that I was going to have my own situation for this project you know. Because I brought this album over to Cash Money. But the situation didn't work out the way it was supposed to. So just being so overprotective of the project, knowing how much went into it, knowing how much time went into it, allowing patience to be my greatest weapon for this project.
Big Boy:Yeah man.
Busta Rhymes:It ended up becoming something that started to feel like the dream come true project. So I just really just felt like if I done invested this much time and been this patient there aint no reason to change what the formula has been in particularly for this project. So we now at a 85 percent mark. It's gone come, God willing, before the end of the year. If not it'll definitely be here by early 2016.
Big Boy:I heard that. Busta Rhymes, J-Doe this is my man Busta Rhymes all right. Name seven celebrities you would want to bust open. Your time begins now.
J-Doe:Tika Sumpter, Halle Berry, Rachel McAdams, uh damn.
Big Boy:Man it was just [crosstalk 00:05:26] Aye dude Bust was over there with his eyes rolling in the back of his head.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah I was trying to figure this out. My range is wide with this one.
Speaker 7:See mine, look I already got my eye on somebody, I'm like oh yeah soon as I get my chance.
Big Boy:Go head Bust.
Busta Rhymes:Let's do this again. Lets do this right.
Big Boy:What the hell.
Busta Rhymes:I aint even get mines off playboy.
Speaker 4:You gotta jump in.
Big Boy:Aye bruh. Already for conglomerate entertainment, you guys already loss.
Speaker 7:Oh God.
Big Boy:This what I'm a do just for you I'm going to put seven seconds on the clock. All right so Bust ...
Speaker 8:For Fun.
Big Boy:Right for fun. Name seven celebrities you would want to bust it open with. Bust it open with. Busta Rhymes your time begins now.
Busta Rhymes:Janet Jackson, Scarlett Johansson.
Speaker 7:Go head man.
Big Boy:That's one hell of a threesome. That's a hell of threesome though.
Speaker 7:Oh my God.
Busta Rhymes:Hold up. Hold up. Hold up just for the record too can't front on what's her name ...
Speaker 7:Who?
Big Boy:Uh-oh.
Busta Rhymes:I mean she a milf but you know, at the end of the day ...
Big Boy:Sophia Vergara?
Busta Rhymes:Nah son. Nah.
Speaker 4:J. Lo?
Busta Rhymes:Nah. I mean J. Lo too.
Speaker 4:Beyonce.
Speaker 7:I love J. Lo.
Big Boy:Its hard for you to say certain names because those are homies wives, you know what I'm saying.
Busta Rhymes:It's hard, it's hard but this is just a game so you know.
Big Boy:Right.
Busta Rhymes:Yo Angela Basset.
Big Boy:Dawg.
J-Doe:Aw she can get it.
Speaker 4:Wow.
Big Boy:Katie Alburn.
Busta Rhymes:God-lee.
Big Boy:Veronica Alexander she can get it.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah, yeah.
Big Boy:That's my wife don't say yeah.
Busta Rhymes:Nah. I'm still on Angela Basset.
Big Boy:Oh oh okay [crosstalk 00:06:55] Yeah son. I saw your wife at the show she can get it. Yo big yo wife got that big set Latina ass. Oh big man. Let me see her you got any pictures in yo phone Big hand me yo fucking phone right now. Let me check and see if she in there. Give me yo fucking phone. Yeah yeah yo wife boy, how she marry yo ugly ass you must be paid Big.
Speaker 7:Yeah.
Big Boy:All right we got Busta Rhymes and J-Doe up in here Conglomerate Entertainment Big Boy in the morning show. Well she bout to celebrate a birthday.
Busta Rhymes:Oh yeah believe that.
Big Boy:You should let me throw a party where I monopolize and make all the money off of it though. You know what I'm saying? Help me help me. Yeah man, what you going to do for your birthday?
Busta Rhymes:Help you, help me and you. Just help you help you.
Big Boy:Yeah yeah. Just help me, help me.
Busta Rhymes:Damn this is my brother doing me after like 25 years.
Speaker 7:Aw man, aw man.
Big Boy:So Bust do you have a plan for your birthday? Are you a birthday guy? Or do you just like, it's another day?
Busta Rhymes:You know what I been trying to get to the birthday birthday celebration like the proper way for the last bunch of years. But the fortunate thing about my birthdays is like, the greatest gifts about my birthday lately is so much work comes around that time frame.
Big Boy:Right.
Speaker 7:Yeah.
Busta Rhymes:I rather embrace the bags of money that come through.
Big Boy:Yes sir.
Busta Rhymes:As opposed to, you know, just really just embellishing and celebrating another year added onto the life. But this time, in particularly this year, I really wanted to do it man.
Big Boy:Yeah.
Busta Rhymes:But I couldn't get to it. I got my youngest son, Trillian, who is also a member of the Conglomerate Family.
Big Boy:Hello. Damn.
Busta Rhymes:He graduating and going to high school. Then my oldest son who was the three year old in the Woo-Hah video, he graduated college and getting ready to go to grad school. So I got a bunch of graduations to be at in May and you know, Memorial Day weekend.
Big Boy:Aw yeah.
Busta Rhymes:Its so much turning up but I can't really get to the celebration the way I want to. But those are ... All of that is my celebration though.
Big Boy:Great reasons though.
Busta Rhymes:All of that is my celebration. You know what I'm saying so
Big Boy:And you know what I can't even go against that. I can't even sit here and say aw man you don't want me to throw a party for you? I'll make some money. Because it's great reasons. You know what I'm saying?
Busta Rhymes:Yeah.
Big Boy:You talking bout the kids and everything.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah but ...
Big Boy:What yo voice? I mean I would know right off. If you tried to call me and tried to play a joke on me, I'd be like come on Bust.
Speaker 7:Aw yeah easy.
Big Boy:Do people recognize your voice? Like say for instance you're somewhere and people don't even see you, do people come around the corner like, 'I thought that was you'? Or if you ordering like a pizza or a flight do people know like that's Busta Rhymes?
Busta Rhymes:Yeah. I definitely can't escape it. And for the people that don't know I'm Busta Rhymes they always got something to say about my voice. I mean I sound like my pops.
Big Boy:Damn.
Busta Rhymes:You now what I'm saying? I sound exactly like my father. You know my moms used to always make jokes about when I was born and first came out you know the womb I sounded like a little dinosaur.
Big Boy:Right.
Busta Rhymes:You know what I'm saying, but at the time I was young.
Big Boy:Lie a dungeon dragon?
Busta Rhymes:Dugeon dragon was the young dinosaur.
Big Boy:Oh my God. Ready to go head now.
Busta Rhymes:I evolved into the dungeon dragon when I started to embrace it and it wasn't such a disrespect to me when she said it.
Big Boy:Was your voice like that ... Like say for instance when you were like seven? And they'd be like you know, here. Lunch order a, let me get a triple cheese. I don't know if I'm doing the Xzibit or Busta Rhymes. You know what I'm saying?
J-Doe what's going on with you man?
J-Doe:Man everything is going on with me man. We just got back from Vegas. We had some great ...
Busta Rhymes:Oh God.
Big Boy:Were you guys out there for the fight?
J-Doe:We was out there for the fight. We had a great show right after the fight.
Big Boy:Damn.
Busta Rhymes:Fight Finale Party.
J-Doe:The Fight Finale show.
Busta Rhymes:The Conglomerate Fight Finale show.
Big Boy:Damn.
J-Doe:Man it was out of here.
Big Boy:Did you perform Bust? Did you do anything that night?
Busta Rhymes:I mean I performed but I think the highlight of the nigh ... I mean we always gone get it the way we get it.
Busta Rhymes:And they gone give it up the way they gone give it up. Its people know what to do when Bust Ryhmes in the family ...
Big Boy:If not you gone tell 'em again.
Busta Rhymes:We gone start throwing all types of things at yo ass if you don't hop on it.
Big Boy:Yeah. I told ya'll the one time. I'm forreal I saw you stop the show to tell one person he wasn't, he got to get up.
Busta Rhymes:Big Boy always reminds me of that.
J-Doe:And he did it again. He did it in Vegas.
Big Boy:You! Get your fat ass up! You fat motherfucker. Get up. Get your fat ass up. And so I just stood up. I stood up and I was like ah, I'm sorry Bust. Lets go. It's like a workout. You got to jog in place and you know what I'm saying. I'm like damn by the time you finish you like man. Good Lord man.
Big Boy:Is that L.A. Fitness or am I in a Busta Rhymes show.
J-Doe:Man both.
Big Boy:But your energy is through the roof though bro.
Busta Rhymes:Thank you man, but to my surprise. You know as long as me and Doe been rocking together, Doe aint never performed a solo song we always did joints together.
Busta Rhymes:You know what I'm saying? King Tut, or Movie, or mixtape joints.
Busta Rhymes:But for the first time I was his hype man in Vegas.
Speaker 8:That's dope.
Busta Rhymes:And I'm watching him do his record. So there's a lot of people. It's four or five thousand people in the spot.
Big Boy:Word.
Busta Rhymes:And the diverse crowd is you know white, black, hispanic, asian, it's a bunch of people in there because you know that Floyd and Pacquiao they done brought out the whole Earth to see this fight.
Big Boy:Yeah they did.
Busta Rhymes:So it's so many different type of people in the venue and a lot of them aint hear this record before. By the time he get to the first hook we had to pull it up and bring it back like it was a Jamaican dance hall up in there.
Big Boy:Hello. J-Doe are you ready? You know you ready.
Big Boy:You know what I'm saying, but now that you seeing that moving. And I know Bust got to be extremely like man. I know what's about to happen.
Big Boy:And you've been around Bust also long enough man that you see like, I know what's about to happen.
Big Boy:How exciting is it for you right now man, because people can say aw man, new artist like stop it. You know what I'm saying? Like overnight stop but if it was that was a long ass night.
J-Doe:That was a long night.
Big Boy:You know what I'm saying?
J-Doe:You know it's funny man, it's a interesting parallel because you got to wait until it happens to start acting like it's about to happen. It's a lot of people around me that been around me for years that don't know what's about to happen. And if I start embracing it too much you start looking Hollywood or something like that. Like you treating them some kind of way. So I don't act ... So I live my regular day to day life right now still sometimes with my kids, and my friends, and my homies. And then the very next day I'm performing in front of 5000 people.
Big Boy:Yes sir.
J-Doe:And seeing the real ...
Big Boy:Are you going to change though? Like after the record go?
Big Boy:As you should man. Desperate walkie talkie man.
J-Doe:I know people say I'm not gone change and the internal, like the actual parts of my being won't change.
Big Boy:Right.
J-Doe:But I already changed.
Big Boy:Right.
J-Doe:I definitely don't live ...
Big Boy:Its obvious, cause I remember when you used to give a fuck about something.
J-Doe:Yeah you remember when I used to ...
Big Boy:Now you rap about nothing.
J-Doe:Me and Fuz, I used to go to Fuz stuio in Englewood, and work right down the street from my house on Sintenella and Labrea.
Big Boy:Yessir.
J-Doe:Or right off that and that was ... I definitely don't live in Englewood no more.
Big Boy:Yeah. He like I'm changing already Doe.
J-Doe:I have ... That's the first change I made soon I was able to get out of Englewood I did.
Big Boy:I heard that.
J-Doe:I love my city but I definitely needed to move.
Big Boy:How's the pen game going for you right now?
J-Doe:Aw man it's amazing. I just released ... So I got a single out right now that I wrote for Sevyn Streeter. Well I should say what I wrote with Sevyn Streeter on the fast Sevyn soundtrack. I got Tyrese's first single called Dumb Ish. I wrote that.
Big Boy:What?
J-Doe:Oh you didn't know?
Big Boy:What? No.
J-Doe:Let me break ya'll off today.
Big Boy:You know, you know that's my record bro.
Speaker 4:Yeah.
J-Doe:I was at the crib with you.
Big Boy:I be doing dumb, dumb ...
J-Doe:And you were singing. I was like wait til he find out that I wrote this. That's going to be a time.
Big Boy:Aw man, wow.
J-Doe:When we was at Reese house.
Big Boy:Its crazy though how things just be in a circle.
J-Doe:Come full circle bruh.
Big Boy:You know what I'm saying? Like damn.
J-Doe:Ever since I've been around Tyrese I've written every single he's had. I don't even know if he know that.
Big Boy:Wow that is ...
J-Doe:I wrote Sex Aint Never Felt Better.
Big Boy:That's crazy.
J-Doe:The TGT. I wrote Baby Won't You Just Stay for his last album.
Big Boy:Damn.
J-Doe:I wrote all of Tyrese singles. I wrote ... Jamie Fox got a album coming out.
Big Boy:Yes sir.
J-Doe:I wrote I'm Supposed To Be In Love By Now with my brother Lonny Bereal.
Big Boy:Oh man. Yeah man I saw ... He did a acapella for us.
J-Doe:Yes I did that song. And Sevyn Streeter got an album coming out.
Big Boy:Aye man is that gone be a single, cause even when he does talk shows ...
J-Doe:He does that song.
Big Boy:He'd do that song.
J-Doe:That song is most important to him. You know that song took us ... That's the longest song in my life. We wrote that song over a span of eight months.
Big Boy:Good Lord.
Speaker 4:Why did it take so long?
J-Doe:Because it's really important to him.
Speaker 4:Okay.
J-Doe:He was like, I need every word of this song to be in path.
Big Boy:Aye man he talks that record up so much.
J-Doe:Oh. It's his real life though. You know what I'm saying and that's what, where it came from because it's real life for him. You know what I mean. And that's why that song was so important and that's why it took us ... We was in Miami, we was in L.A., we was at his house, we was everywhere revisiting this song.
Big Boy:Its crazy how man like, bro, how cats know but they don't know.
Big Boy:And with the business now I used to love getting albums or CDs with all the credits and you know, I used to love to read that.
J-Doe:Yeah. Who did that.
Big Boy:You know what I'm saying? And now we're kind of getting robbed it's like, oh here it is, there it is.
J-Doe:Yeah nobody cares.
Busta Rhymes:Your name is Busta Bust right?
Big Boy:Yeah a imposter here.
Busta Rhymes:Really call you Busta Rhymes though right?
Big Boy:Yes they do.
Busta Rhymes:All right cool.
Big Boy:All right. Yeah.
Busta Rhymes:So I'm saying
Big Boy:But you know Conglomerate is the squad cause I'm here to tell you.
Busta Rhymes:Conglomerate is the squad?
Big Boy:Yeah. The motherfucking squad. Say it right. All right son I'm here with you son.
Speaker 8:Oh my God.
Big Boy:Let me see here. Yeah.
Busta Rhymes:All right cool. So ... So
Big Boy:See where OT Genesis is at in the world? Pushing his J-Doe single. Did I leave my iron on in the hotel?
Speaker 7:Well figure it out.
Big Boy:Shit. People over here bout to ask me all kind of stupid ass questions. Want me to perform.
Busta Rhymes:I'm a be easy on you today bruh.
Big Boy:All right.
Busta Rhymes:Its real simple.
Big Boy:All right.
Busta Rhymes:Name eight celebrities with the letter B in they name.
Big Boy:Name eight celebrities with the letter B in their name.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah.
Big Boy:Big Boy, Bobby Brown, Bobby Blue Bland, Busta Rhymes, Bennifer Bopez ...
Speaker 7:What?
Big Boy:Bicky Babaj. I didn't get it? Aw man.
Speaker 8:Bust what the hell?
Big Boy:You know I got that speech impediment. I said Bennifer Bopez that's her name. Her name not Bennifer Bopez?
Speaker 7:Bicky Babaj.
Big Boy:Aw man. Bicky Babaj, Bice Boob. We can't take Bice Boob?
Speaker 7:Aw naw.
Big Boy:Beyonce I didn't say. Aw man.
Busta Rhymes:Damn man what happened? You want to just do one of those for fun bruh?
Big Boy:Nah. Mind your business. You aint going to shoot me twice.
Speaker 7:Aw man.
Big Boy:Hope the kids aint listening to this. I feel lie a piece of shit right now. Damn.
Speaker 8:Oh my God.
Big Boy:And then he accidentally gave me three of them.
Speaker 7:Aw man.
Big Boy:Who in the hell names Bobby Blue Bland. Yeah all right well. Alrighty well I'm back you guys. How many did Busta Rhymes imposter get?
Speaker 8:About four.
Big Boy:Four?
Speaker 7:About four.
Big Boy:I'll just put five on there. You know what I'm saying. Didn't win anyway you know what I'm saying? Just to kiss my wife ass. That way I can say did put six. What ya'll gone say? Hey it's my game.
Speaker 7:Why not?
Big Boy:Best believe that. Man we gone ahead and get into J-Doe's favorite phone tap. I asked him, I say man which is yo favorite, he said Big all of them.
Speaker 7:Aye.
Speaker 4:Wow.
Big Boy:You know what I'm saying? All of them thank you.
J-Doe:I'm a true Big Boy historian.
Big Boy:All right that's tight.
J-Doe:I'm telling you, I'll bring up stuff that's, man.
Big Boy:That can get me back in court?
J-Doe:Listen nah.
Big Boy:Oh you talking bout phone taps.
J-Doe:I mean when I was a kid I used to listen to Big Boy
Big Boy:Man
J-Doe:And you'd do some like Indian rap. Like ... Hsu-nah-la-who-uh.
Big Boy:You talking bout the ... Nah, that was Hebrew. Hsu-nah-la-who-uh-la-shaw Nus-ka-do-hi-yo-cha. Hus-skin-ala-who
J-Doe:That's what I used to listen to on the way to elementary.
Big Boy:Hello.
Speaker 4:Hello.
Big Boy:Nine seconds are on the clock right now my brothers. All right you got to name nine things in this nine seconds.
Big Boy:Bust you good?
Busta Rhymes:What nine things?
J-Doe:They bout to give us a hot topic.
Big Boy:Boy Bust be concentrating too hard. Aye dude. Even when I read it Bust be like. All right. And J-Doe over here like, he just playing on his phone like this shit is nothing.
J-Doe:Nah. I told him to get to nine look.
Big Boy:I'm like the nine thing. Bust like what nine?
J-Doe:I'm bout to get it.
Big Boy:What nine. Now when you say nine man does it mean what? Nine inch nails.
Speaker 4:Oh my God.
Big Boy:Naming things of nine, like all righty here we go. All right Busta Rhymes your name is Busta Ryhmes, J-Doe his name is Busta Rhymes.
Big Boy:Together name nine words that rhyme with rhyme. Your time begins now.
J-Doe:Fine, dine
Busta Rhymes:Crime
Busta Rhymes:Shine
Busta Rhymes:Grind
J-Doe:Prime oh you said prime time
Busta Rhymes:Redefine
Speaker 7:Damn.
Speaker 8:Are we accepting words with N.
Big Boy:Yeah they were, well they writers
J-Doe:Yeah. Rhyme, time, nine of course.
Big Boy:So line and rhyme you would say that?
Busta Rhymes:Absolutely.
J-Doe:Don't you know that rappers, we make up words to rhyme. We make them rhyme.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah but real talk that's not one of those make up words that rhyme. It rhymes.
Big Boy:Rhyme and time?
Busta Rhymes:Line, time.
Big Boy:Line.
Busta Rhymes:Line.
Big Boy:And rhyme
Busta Rhymes:And rhyme
Big Boy:Okay well do this for me if it rhymes, do Look At Me Now verse.
Big Boy:I just want to hear it.
J-Doe:I was like what? Did he just say that?
Speaker 4:He almost did it.
Big Boy:No that's a win for us right now. They're writers you know what I'm saying? These dudes are responsible for platinum records.
Busta Rhymes:Yeah.
Big Boy:How am I going to tell it didn't rhyme?
Big Boy:Like Bust could bring a truck load of plaques and money up here be like nah it rhymes. It rhymed on here. It rhymed on this album. It rhymed on this one.
J-Doe:Aw man.
Busta Rhymes:Hold up though.
Busta Rhymes:They still aint give it up though.
Busta Rhymes:Give it up.
Big Boy:Ladies and gentleman ...
Busta Rhymes:Give it up.
Big Boy:We got a winner over here ladies and gentleman.
Busta Rhymes:Give it up.
Big Boy:We got a winner.
Busta Rhymes:That's what I'm talking about.
Big Boy:All right lets go.
Busta Rhymes:[inaudible 00:21:30] They come running and I feel like I gotta get away get away get away better know that I don't and I won't ever stop cause you know i gotta win every day day.
Big Boy:Yo.
Busta Rhymes:You don't really want to pop me.
Big Boy:Yeah.
Busta Rhymes:Just know that you will never flop me.
Big Boy:No.
Busta Rhymes:[crosstalk 00:21:41] If we never gonna. Every time I come my niggas got a zin and then I got a good one and I get it. I'm done with this.
Big Boy:[inaudible 00:21:52]
Busta Rhymes:Let me stop.
Big Boy:And I gotta have it.
Busta Rhymes:Yo aint gone front in Vegas the footage is probably circulating around right now, but we getting up ... Chris Brown birthday is this ... Matter fact, Happy birthday to Chris Brown.
Big Boy:Happy birthday.
Busta Rhymes:Saturday he had a after party for the fight at this club called Dre's.
Big Boy:Aw yeah.
Busta Rhymes:Its a bunch of us on stage. Its me, Akon, 50 Cent, Russell Westbrook.
Speaker 7:Damn.
Busta Rhymes:J-Doe.
Big Boy:Too much influence on that stage.
Busta Rhymes:Its incredible
Big Boy:Ya'll shouldn't be partying together though.
Busta Rhymes:The moment was monstrosity up there.
Big Boy:Yes it was.
Busta Rhymes:So they throw on Look At Me Now, and I come out. Chris Brown is doing my verse while I'm standing there and I couldn't do my own verse. He goes, 'let me set it off for you' and then he goes in. And I'm feeling like I'm running and I gotta get away and he killing it. And the crowd going crazy. And he tap me, 'come on nigga start saying yeah shit'
Big Boy:Be like nah, I'm watching this
Busta Rhymes:Nah I'm bugging because I'm seeing you ... I aint never seen him do it myself.
Big Boy:That's dope.
Busta Rhymes:So he going and he going and he tap me and we just started doing the rest of the verse together.
Big Boy:Together.
Busta Rhymes:Together. So that was a moment because it was ill that we was both saying the verse together and you know.
Big Boy:Was he really saying it though?
Busta Rhymes:Nah he was doing it.
J-Doe:Nah he was saying it.
Busta Rhymes:Like bodying it. Nah but Chris Brown really pushed me to deliver that finished product because the way the song happened, he was ... And we were in Platinum Studio in New York. We were mixing a record for somebody else I was working with at the time. And Nelly was on the record. Nelly was in the room next door. Chris Brown brings the beat.
Big Boy:Nelly was on Look At Me Now?
Busta Rhymes:He was going to be on it. Well that's what the impression was that I got. Me and Breezy saluted, me and Nelly saluted and he went next door. I said I'm a come check ya'll later when we finish this mix. But while we was doing it the beat was playing in the Look At Me Now. And it was rattling my room so stupid that I had to go in there to see what was going on.
I get in the room and Chris Brown is speed rapping his verse to Nelly. So I'm looking at him like, you don't know what you doing.
Big Boy:Out of love.
Busta Rhymes:And I'm just saying to him let me keep ... Let me show you how to keep the dash rolling when you doing that thing you doing over there homie. And he said, 'what you say'. And I said it again. And he was like, 'Yo I want you to interrupt me while I'm doing my speed rapping the song and I want you to just spazz with the speed rap for your whole verse.' So I go do the verse I give it to him two hours later. But there was a section after the every I come in and I gotta go and I gotta get in ... There's a section after that where the verse got slower. So I gives it to him and he goes, ' you gotta get rid of the slow part.'
Big Boy:Wow.
Busta Rhymes:'That aint it Bust.' And I'm looking at this little ... I'm like what the fuck he telling me?
Big Boy:Right.
J-Doe:Hell nah.
Big Boy:Man I'm Busta Rhymes man.
Busta Rhymes:But I respected it because it was like yo, I'm just talking my feelings Bust. You had me up here from out the gate and then it takes a little dip and then you come back. I don't want no dip. Get rid of the dip. So I went back and I changed it. Same two bars just with more words in the same two bars to articulate the same shit I was saying in those two bars and gave it back to him. That was it. And with all due respect to Nelly. You know that's my family.
Big Boy:Yes sir.
Busta Rhymes:He aint end up on the song.
Big Boy:Right. J-Doe definitely want to thank you for coming in man.
Speaker 7:J-Dawg.
Big Boy:Best believe that man. Comglomerant, I'm glad that you signed with us.
J-Doe:Yeah man.
Big Boy:And we get a chance to focus. That we get chance to work together. You know what I'm saying?
J-Doe:Yes sir. Exactly.
Big Boy:I'm going to say this man, Bust and I we been down for years.
Big Boy:We're trustworthy. I'm glad that you decided to join in with us. Our family. A lot of people were coming after you J-Doe.
Big Boy:But you saw something with me and Busta Rhymes that made you comfotable.
Big Boy:And we thank you for that. All right?
J-Doe:And ya'll very welcome. Very worthy of this opportunity to work with freshest alowiss.
Big Boy:Thank you and I'm freshest aladowski. Busta Rhymes always a pleasure to see you and your jewelry.
Busta Rhymes:I salute you general. Jewelry always says hello.
Big Boy:Yes. Man
Busta Rhymes:Oh yeah.
Big Boy:It's crazy because he's changed jewelry four times since we've started the interview. I don't want to tell you how men creep but good Lord I've had a chance to see what was going on in another room. Man you been flipping the channels. Thought there was jewelry heist in here. Nah Bust got money man. Bust got money tobuy his own stuff. So Bst what do you do? They want you to wear

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