I think a lot of things I said in Hell's Winter I was desperately wanted to believe them. To change my life and then Depart from Me is kind of like saying, "All right leave me already." and then also to fans too, if you don't like this, depart from me. Mostly it was a exorcism of sorts. Hell's Winter was I feel like a bridge between Movies for the Blind and Depart from Me because it was like you stop and you look in the mirror and I saw myself as who I was on Movies for the Blind and you stop and you look at yourself in the mirror and you go, "I'm not that dude anymore." I actually have a child, I have a little girl. What do I sound like, talking, making an entire album about my sexual exploits and you're just kind of like, "What's the point." If people can't understand that then that's good because I don't want to make music for assholes.
The record is a very little samples. It's guitar heavy record, synth heavy, and it's a catchy record. We went for like big hooks, I went for a more, went a little poppier with the record but kept like an indie sensibility. It's a personal record, there's not a lot of social commentary on it, it's not a preachy record, it's not an ostentatious record. It's just a record about life, things that people can relate to. I wanted to make a record that a 12 year old going through some shit in his life could pick up and get right into it.
Hell's Winter had somewhat of a triumphant feel, like, "I'm conquering in this." Depart from Me doesn't feel very triumphant other than there's very catchy hooks and it's very catchy record and I'd be lying if I wasn't saying that I was going for a bigger audience. I'm not gonna pretend that I'm not like so many people. The whole sellout thing or whatever I don't even know what that means. I sell out a few clubs, I'm not a millionaire, so I don't feel like that word really, that term, really applies to me.
I's all kind of like one in the same I think, it's, "So what, man." Art is art, there's not a motherfucker alive making art that ain't trying to sell you shit at any level so [I guess 00:03:09] really the only thing that really matters to me is that I make art for a living and if I can make art for a living then, I win.

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