Cesar Comanche: Caesar Comanche: Justus League, True Sprew Corporation, universal Zulu Nation, Black Jedi champion.
James Huang: When you're performing on stage ... you know, stage presentness and whatnot, what's someone that you try to emulate?
Cesar Comanche: It's not necessarily any individual that I try to emulate. I pretty much grew up always just being fascinated with great performers. Be it Tina Turner, be it the Rolling Stones, be it Elton John, be it James Brown. These cats are legends for a reason, so I feel that I'm somebody who's just constantly tryin' to study things and figure out how I can take the feeling they give people and accomplish that in my own way.
I'm thinking more about the experience of the people.
James Huang: Right.
Cesar Comanche: Than I am myself.
James Huang: Yeah.
Cesar Comanche: And you know it's not about me, it's about all of us. So therefore it's just one of those things where I feel people can pick up on that, and when they do ... it just enhances their experience. Because that's my focus, is the experience of the people as a whole.
James Huang: So you got a new album coming out?
Cesar Comanche: Yes I do. The record is called "Like a Night in the Thief". This album is something that I'll like to call a "nighttime album". That beautiful nighttime feel, that nighttime sound. And then the subject matter is not a dark subject matter, but I feel it's a subject matter that fits the sound of this record. It's gonna be somethin' at the same time you see my evolution but you see my core foundation still standing strong.
James Huang: This has been James Huang with BillCo Productions here with Cesar Comanche. Thank you again for being real as always. And look us out on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube: BillCo Productions. Peace.

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