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Chino XL: I would say emphatically yes. Being abroad and going to other places, such as Australia, it seems like the quality of the meat and the rules as far a nutrition goes, as far as the non-hormones, also the free-range chicken and the free-range beef, I felt completely different energetically when I was on Australia. Even their fast food, that we would call, is completely different than ours is. I think for sure that the unhealthiness is perpetuating itself here for sure.
Probably ghosts, probably apparitions. Not that I don't believe in aliens. I think my problem with aliens is I think that ... Well, I have no beef with aliens if you're all out there watching ... It's almost the people who discuss aliens heavy, seem to be very questionable sometimes for whatever that is. The concept of aliens that most people talk about is kind of hard to fuck with. Apparitions, I think historically I think we all can kind of feel that there's something else going on. I think we all think we see something move out of the corner of our eye. I think we all kind of feel a presence that's not there.
I know that the historical illuminati as per the church, so I know about it as far as that goes. I think it's an interesting subject for a lot of people. I think what it kind of is is a precursor for people to kind of study and check things out and think that there may be some symbolism or ulterior motives in things that the media supports or puts out there, so whether I support it or not as far as belief in it or whatever is not really as important as the issue that I think it stimulates people questioning things and that's what I'm all about.
I do. I do. There are arguments pro and against. I used the word energetically earlier. I'm all about that. I kind of think that there is a universal and a global consciousness and that if enough people believe in a paradigm that it can change things. If we're talking about numerically, does every single vote count? We've seen that that can be tampered with. Let's just say, if one vote can thrown, if ten votes can be thrown away or disregarded, that's a possibility, but it's harder to disregard a hundred thousand votes, so it does count.
To a certain extent, I think we're starting to see it. I think we're starting to see people not want to be plugged into the same things that they were plugged into. We're starting to see people say, "I'm not taking this shit no more. I'm not going to believe everything you tell me. I'm not going to ... ," like who you asked me earlier, "I'm not going to eat what you tell me to eat." This event tonight, "I'm not going to listen to what you tell me I have to listen to."
I think there is ... It's coming, dude. Now, is it going to be the global, global Armageddon where people have to eat cans of tuna fish for 20 years? I don't know about that, but as far as something seriously changing in people's consciousness. For a long time I thought that there was no hope in it, but I do see students, I see younger people, I see them just really, really being sick of this shit. Are some people doing it to be trendy? Could be, but what better trend than to have a revolutionary concept of the way things should be? If it's going to be a trend, let that be the trend.
Dude, I'm not really sure. I don't have that much invested in the end of the world is going to be at that very moment. I think that the idea that if I have five calendars and one of them, you just see one year where I only have those five and I just didn't make more, you could interpret that as being the end. There's a lot of different things for and against it. Me, I don't think the world's going to end that day, dude. That's just what I think.
For sure I think it should be legalized. I think it should be regimented, though, to the effect that I don't want the person driving the school bus that my kid is on to be high as fuck, but I think in moderation, and especially, not to be corny, but there are people who really need it for their pain and I don't think that they should be subjected to being compared to drug addicts, because they're not.
This is just random, but just something that always bugs me out. This is extremely random, dude. The whole nine-to-five concept, right? Doesn't it obviously clog everything up? If everything is nine-to-five, that means the people that are caught up in the system of nine-to-five can't even do things that they knew to support their own life. If you work at a bank and it closes at five and you get off at five, you can't even use the bank unless you use the bank that you work at.
I know it's extremely random, dude, but shouldn't it be ... it should be staggered. It should be tandem. It should be set up so we can function correctly. I think that that's some sort of weird thing that somebody thought of for some ulterior reason. It has to be. Some kind of way like, "Okay, I know what these people are going to be doing at this time." I know it might sound nuts, dude, but I was just the first thing that came to my head right now.
Speaker 2: Your source for alternative news and celebrity views. It's Truth is Scary.com. Log on and be aware.

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