Pusha:It's your neighborhood Pusha right here. What's goin' on?
Speaker 3:I'm here with the Clipse, rappers. You guys, when did you guys start making music?
Malice:Oh man, you taking it back. I guess about, 2004. We always been a fan of hip hop, you know. Just been a fan of hip hop man, like any other kid, beatin' on the lunch room table. And you come up with the Neptunes, and they just had one foot in the door. So it only makes sense that we would go ahead and try a hand at it.
Speaker 3:And you mentioned the Neptunes. When did you actually get in touch with Pharrell and Chad, to make music?
Pusha:I mean, Pharrell and Chad been ... They been at it for a while and I was actually friends with Pharrell before I even started rapping. He always used to want to reach out to my brother because he was known around the area for being a lyricist. So eventually paths got crossed and they linked up. And it was just about working at Chad's attic. Working in Chad's attic and getting the job done.
Speaker 3:And you know there's a huge amount of hip hop artists coming up and still in the game. What separates your music from the rest?
Malice:I think we just, we have a real music. Our music is true to life. I also feel like, we just paint those pictures, man. And just being fan of lyric driven hip hop. The fundamentals of MC'ing, I think we still carry that on our back.
Speaker 3:And you guys recently launched a clothing company called Play Cloths, which you guys are both rocking. Why'd you start this? What made you want to make clothing?
Malice:We pretty much spearheaded a lot of the clothing, the major clothing line movements, such as BAIT and BBC. We had a chance to really get an inside look at how people like me, [inaudible 00:02:32] Pharrell, ran their businesses. And our fans were always in tune what it was that we were rocking. You know what I'm sayin'? So we had the opportunity in some of the down time that we had. And we just started up Play Cloths.
Speaker 3:And over the years, you've had a whole bunch of record labels. What was the cause of all the switching?
Pusha:It had a lot to just do with label politics. You know what I'm sayin'? Label downsizing, labels merging. And once you got into we had our own disagreements with the powers that be. But all that's over now we're at Columbia. And we have Gang Records man. It's definitely 'bout to be something serious starting with this Til the Casket Drops.
Speaker 3:Til the Casket Drops is actually supposed to drop today, October 20th. And what was the reason it got pushed back until December?
Pusha:It hasn't peaked yet. So we just got to keep pushing that record. We just put out a remix for it. And just about putting out more impressions up until the album drops.
Speaker 3:And what can we expect? Because I heard a couple tracks off it and it's really unique.
Malice:Like what you said. We got remixes coming at cha. "I'm Good", featuring Rick Ross. We got the "Kinda Like a Big Deal" remix featuring Fabolous. You know what I'm sayin'? We putting out a mix tape so, quite a few things. And we gonna also leak some more songs from that album, since we got y'all waiting so long.
Speaker 3:And Malice, I was on your site, and you've been doing these video blogs, which are really lyrical and have a lot of story to it and a lot of ... What were these about?
Malice:Basically just, I think the Clipse have been known for giving you both sides of the picture. Giving you every point of view and not just a one sided, always dictorious, coming out on top. You know what I'm sayin'? So I just wanted to basically just let our fans in on everything that's going on with the Clipse, pretty much.
Speaker 3:Thank you Clipse, coming out for itsbongoboy.com.
Speaker 3:Thank you. Itsbongoboy.com, it's updated daily.

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