Charlie Tuna:We are now sitting here with one of the godfathers of Los Angeles hip hop, there, I said it. You see that burp and everything. This is Charlie Tuna from Tuna TV, interviewing my man, Mr. Cut Chemist. Say what's up, Cut.
Cut Chemist:What's up, Cut.
Charlie Tuna:One of the questions I wanted to ask you was this. Real simple. Out of all of the music that you've produced and sampled, what's your favorite song that you've ever produced?
Cut Chemist:My favorite song that I've ever produced?
Charlie Tuna:Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Cut Chemist:I think you know the answer to that, did we ... That's why you're asking me this right now. You slut dog.
Well, actually, there's a couple.
Charlie Tuna:Oh, a couple.
Cut Chemist:But I think my favorite rap song is ... Thin Line's a tough one to beat. [inaudible 00:00:55]. It's a tender song, but it hits hard, and it's the first and one of the few times that I've got to work with a singer as talented as Nelly Furtado, which was amazing. To see somebody of that caliber work the way she did as quickly as she did, I learned a lot and was inspired by that and by everybody in the group as well. Again, when Dr. Feelgood came in the chorus, it just magically came together.
Charlie Tuna:True. The session in itself I was always proud of.
Cut Chemist:Everything about it. The execution, the thought process all the way through it. When I came up with the bridge sample later, the bridge sample and then she came up with rap ... The whole thing, it was like the universe wanted to make it happen. I usually remember things like that I respond to them in a certain way where I get a little misty.
Charlie Tuna:You say "I get a little misty." Okay, heres another question. I've always wondered, I think you told me year ago, but ... It's two questions. How old were you, and what record were you playing in that picture? When you young as hell with the DJ equipment, you was DJ-ing. You was DJ-ing - [crosstalk 00:02:16]
Cut Chemist:Oh, you mean on the turntables?
Charlie Tuna:When you was on the turntables. I think it was your school party or something.
Cut Chemist:Well, there's two. There's one when I'm 12. That was at the time. You can see it.
Charlie Tuna:Nice.
Cut Chemist:It's time. And then the school one, I was 15. DJ-ing for the quad in my high school. I know what i was playing at the time, which was "Me, Myself and I."
Charlie Tuna:Oh, right.
Cut Chemist:It would have been '89, so '89 stuff.
Charlie Tuna:That's crazy, man.
Cut Chemist:Maybe an MC Hammer song to get people ... But I also remember, the amp kept blowing its fuse and we went and got a whole bunch of fuses so it'd cut out and be like, "Owaaa." Change the fuse, it was up again. It was like total house party shit. Anybody at LACS that remembers that one -
Charlie Tuna:L-A-C-E-S, that's right babies.
Cut Chemist:Yeah, right.
Charlie Tuna:So once again, it's Charlie Tuna. Jurassic Five, Tuna TV, standing here with my man Cut Chemist, we're signing off. We will return with more craziness. Respect.
Cut Chemist:Peace.

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