Das EFX is an East Coast rap duo, comprised of members Andre “Dray” Weston and William “Skoob” Hines.” Introduced in the early ‘90s through their affiliation with rap group EPMD—and popularized by their lyrical prowess and fast-paced delivery— the group’s lyrics (particularly their affinity to end words with “-iggedy”) have oft been referenced in pop culture, including Beverly Hills, 90210 and Chappelle’s Show.

Brooklyn, NY native Skoob and Teaneck, NJ native Dray met while attending college in the late ‘80s, and came together through a shared interest in rhyming.  Deciding on the name Das EFX (as Das was an acronym for “Dray and Scoob,” and EFX stood for “effects”), a performance at a local talent show caught the attention of then-popular EPMD, who immediately decided to sign them.

The pair’s debut album, Dead Serious, was released in 1992 and was a critical and commercial success—fueled by their lead single “They Want EFX.” They dubbed their unique rapping style as “sewage,” and highlighted their usage of ending words in “-iggedy” with the popularity of their appearance on Ice Cube’s 1993 single, “Check Yo Self.”

For their 1993 sophomore effort Straight Up Sewaside, Das EFX decided to slow down their delivery and drop the -iggedy suffix, after other rappers began adopting a similar flow. By the time their 1995 album Hold It Down dropped, EPMD was splitting up, and after choosing a side (PMD), Dray and Skoob took a three-year hiatus from recording. Their follow-ups failed to see the same success as their previous releases, but they continue to successfully tour and occasionally record.

To date, Das EFX has released six studio albums.

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