Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Dilated Peoples is comprised of emcees Evidence and Rakaa, with DJ Babu (of the prestigious turntablist crew Beat Junkies), emerging as the trio’s final puzzle piece. First joining forces in 1992, the group organically formed after attending the same slew of local hip-hop shows. Soon after entertaining the idea of making music together, Dilated Peoples turned their like-minded motives into action, recording the singles “Third Degree” and “Work the Angles” under the ABB Records imprint. “Work the Angles” began seeing serious airtime in hip-hop radio, with the single leading them to inking a deal with Capitol Records. Making their major label debut in 2000 with their studio album, The Platform, the group quickly began living up to the hype they earned within the underground hip-hop scene in the mid-90s. With their follow-up record, Expansion Team, arriving in 2001, the group rose to prominence. The album landed at No. 36 on the Billboard 200 with the Alchemist-produced track “Worst Comes to Worst,” resulting in one of their most critically acclaimed and best known songs. Dilated Peoples’ third album, 2004’s Neighborhood Watch, featured early production from the likes of Kanye West. It moved on to sell 143,000 copies in the United States and debuted at the No. 55 slot. The group’s fourth studio album, 20/20 was released in 2006, doubling as the final installment of their deal with Capitol. After each member went on to develop solo careers respectively, Dilated Peoples ended up returning to its original form eight years later. The underground veterans found a new home on Rhymesayers Entertainment, with 2014’s Directors of Photography LP, the storied group’s most recent release.

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