After first appearing on Masta Ace’s 2001 album, Disposable Arts—as well as supporting him on the project’s accompanying tour—rappers Striklin plus Punchline and Wordsworth (also known as Punch & Words) discovered a like-mindedness and chemistry between them that years later would result in the destined formation of a hip-hop collective fondly known as eMC. Originally, the members had no official intentions to form a group; but after seeing an onslaught of rumors bubbling on message boards suggesting the idea, they decided their fans were, in fact, onto something. Along with Masta Ace, the group reunited in 2006 to release their first collaborative single “Four Brothers,” prior to the release of their debut full-length, The Show. Originally slated for a March 2008 release through Masta Ace’s own imprint M3 Records, contemporary tragedy hit the group when the record leaked online two months ahead of schedule.

After a six-year hiatus following eMC’s debut, news broke in January 2014 that the group had signed to the freshly re-founded Penalty Entertainment label and would be stepping into the studio as a group once again, coupling the exciting announcement with their first single in years, “Spun A Web.” Despite Punchline leaving the group before 2014 came to a close, the group reassured fans they would be carrying on as a trio, going on to release an EP aptly titled The Turning Point. In May 2015, the group followed through with their promise to release new music, delivering their sophomore full-length, The Tonite Show, via M3/Penalty Entertainment/Sony Red. Although eMC has only blessed fans with two full-length records and one EP since its initial conception in 2005, their legacy lies in the undeniable fact that there is power in collaboration.

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