Marshall Mathers III, better known as Eminem, is a Grammy Award-winning and platinum selling artist from Detroit, Michigan. As one of the highest-selling hip-hop artists of all time, Eminem is best known for his swift wordplay and signature style of angry, dark, and even violent lyrics, as well as his brazen and often crass opinions on everything from pop culture to prominent figures in his personal life.

Eminem began rapping in high school with fellow classmate Proof, participating in local battles and open mic contests. He quickly gained popularity on the local scene, inking a deal with an independent label and released his first album Infinite in 1996. The following year, his demo landed in the hands of Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine, who immediately called in Dr. Dre to help sign the Detroit MC. Eminem’s first major label album The Slim Shady LP was released in 1999 via Interscope/Aftermath. The project was an immediate success, earning the rapper a Grammy award and a quadruple Platinum certification from the RIAA.

The two albums following—The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show, respectively— would prove even more successful, earning two additional Grammy Awards and Diamond status from the RIAA. Eminem would go on to release an additional four albums in the years following, all earning Platinum certification as well. Along with his solo career, Eminem has put out two albums as part of Detroit-based rap group D-12, and an EP as part of the duo, Bad Meets Evil. He is credited with launching the career of 50 Cent via his own label, Shady Records, and earning an Academy Award for his biographical film 8 Mile in 2003.

Aaron: And action.
Dave Skylark: "It's hell to be Shady. Yesterday I yelled a degrading insult at an elderly lady. Then I asked her how it felt to be 80. F-word, a senior citizen. Suck a wiener, sit and spin." [crosstalk 00:00:51]
Aaron: "Suck a wiener, sit and spun."
Speaker 3: It's funny.
Dave Skylark: "And why you drive so slow for? Don't you want to get where you're going faster since you'll probably die tomorrow, you old whore? Die, old bitch, die, before I murder you." What do you mean by this, Em?
Eminem: Well, first of all, I feel like when I rap, like, people twist my words.
Dave Skylark: Okay, but can you see how an old person might say, "I think what this guy is telling me, this Eminem, is that I should go kill myself. And I, you know, I don't like that."
Eminem: I mean, I don't necessarily rap about the things that I hate. It's more about the things that I fear.
Dave Skylark: I get you.
Eminem: You know, it's like, if I say something about women or whatever ...
Dave Skylark: Yes.
Eminem: ... I think a lot of that is more or less me just dealing with issues with, you know, old issues with my mom or whatever.
Dave Skylark: With your mother.
Eminem: Yeah, or you know, when I say things about gay people or people think that my lyrics are homophobic, you know, it's because I'm gay. When I rap about violence, [crosstalk 00:01:57]or, you know ...
Dave Skylark: Wait.
Eminem: It's not like I'm promoting violence. [crosstalk 00:02:00] I think that, uh, you know, it's more or less [crosstalk 00:02:03]because ...
Speaker 3: What?
Aaron: What? What? What?
Eminem:... you know, it's kind of about me just, you know, confronting it.
Aaron: What did he just say?
Speaker 3: Wow.
Aaron: Can we ...
Speaker 5: He said he was gay.
Aaron: Did he just ...
Speaker 7: Dave. Dave.
Speaker 3: Did he just say he was gay?
Aaron: We're pretty sure in the booth, we just heard him say he was gay?
Dave Skylark: Em. Let's just back it up a moment. You just said that you were gay? Um, and I'm just curious what you meant by that, exactly.
Eminem: I mean, I'm gay.
Dave Skylark: Ah, I'm just a little confused here because "gay" can mean a lot of things.
Eminem: I am a homosexual.
Dave Skylark: Meaning ...
Eminem: I like men.
Speaker 3: What the fuck just happened?
Aaron: Eminem just said he was gay. Four times. That's what the fuck just happened.
Speaker 3: Holy shit.
Aaron: Holy shit. Eminem's gay on our show.
Speaker 3: Eminem's gay on our show.
Aaron: Oh my god. Camera 2. Camera two. [crosstalk 00:02:57]
Speaker 6: Gay twitter ... Gay twitter's blowing up. Holy shit.
Aaron: Change the chyron. "Eminem gay" question mark, exclamation mark. Dave, keep him talking.
Speaker 6: [crosstalk 00:03:03] Oh my god. This is ...
Speaker 3: Holy Shit.
Aaron: Push in on gay Eminem. This is the greatest moment in gay history.
Dave Skylark: ... are probably shocked by what you're saying right now.
Eminem: I'm more shocked that people haven't figured it out yet. I mean, it's kind of like I've been playing gay peekaboo.
Dave Skylark: Gay peekaboo.
Eminem: Yeah, but um ...
Aaron: Shit. Camera one. Camera one.
Daryl: This interview is over. Shut it off.
Aaron: No.
Daryl: Shut it off.
Aaron: Get the fuck out of here, Daryl.
Daryl: I am Marshall's publicist, and I'm telling you to pull the fucking plug, right now.
Aaron: No. This is gold. I am not cutting this interview off. This is the best interview we've ever done.
Daryl: Then what happens if I just do this?
Aaron: Get out.
Daryl: Stop.
Aaron: [crosstalk 00:03:32]
Daryl: Shut it off. Shut it off.
Aaron: Get him out of here. Get him the fuck out of here.
Speaker 3: I'm gonna murder you and everyone you love.
Aaron: Thank you. Dave, look. I got the lyrics. Say what I say.
Dave Skylark: What did you mean when you rapped:
Aaron: "I said nice rectum, I had a ... "
Dave Skylark: "vasectomy Hector. So you can't get pregnant if I bisexually wreck ya?"
Eminem: I've pretty much just been leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness.
Dave Skylark: I see that now.
Eminem: You know. But, yeah. Actually, Hector, Hector was a real person.
Dave Skylark: Hector and his rectum were real.
Aaron: Holy shit.
Speaker 9: [crosstalk 00:04:07] Hector and his rectum is real.
Aaron: [crosstalk 00:04:10] Yes. Dude. Dude.
Dave Skylark: Aaron. Bring it in.
Aaron: Oh my god.
Dave Skylark: Bring it in, big boy.
Aaron: Oh my god.
Dave Skylark: What the heck just happened.
Aaron: The real Slim Shady just stood up. That's what the fuck just happened.
Dave Skylark: This is like Spike Lee just said he's white.

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