Evidence (born Michael Taylor Perretta) is an emcee and producer hailing from Los Angeles, California. Prior to making music, Evidence created a name for himself as a graffiti artist utilizing the tag “VANE,” as well as discovered a passion for breakdancing and skateboarding. In the early ‘90s, he coincidentally moved next door in Venice to the home of legendary producer Quincy Jones’s son, QD3, who first introduced him to the coveted art of beat making. Evidence native later became renowned for his work as part of the hip-hop trio, Dilated Peoples, along with DJ Babu and Rakaa Iriscience. After forming in 1992, the group made their major label debut with 2000’s The Platform. After collaborating with Kanye West on the group’s 2001 single, “This Way,” Evidence began to really cut his teeth as a producer, even landing a Grammy Award for his work on West’s College Dropout on the track “Last Call.” In 2007, Evidence went on to release his first solo album, The Weatherman, met with high critical acclaim. With the blessing of the other members of Dilated Peoples, Evidence began carving his own path as a solo artist, going on to sign with Rhymesayers Entertainment in 2009. He released his sophomore record, Cats & Dogs in 2011, and his third in 2014 with the Alchemist-assisted Lord Steppington.

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