Growing up in Queens, New York, Homeboy Sandman not only inherited the work ethic of his boxer-turned-lawyer father but was also inspired to initially follow in his footsteps. That was of course, until life had a different plan in mind for him. Dropping out of law school in his third year in order to pursue a music career, such a bold risk proved to be in his favor. Following the release of several EPs, Homeboy Sandman set free his debut album Actual Factual Pterodactyl in 2008, leading to his being spotlighted in The Source magazine’s coveted “Unsigned Hype” column. Going on to host NYC’s longest running open mic “ALL THAT! Hip-Hop, Poetry and Jazz” at the Nuyorican Poets Café from 2008 to 2009, his career continued to evolve, with his third album The Good Sun further captivating the attention of the underground hip-hop world. Renowned for his live performances, melodic flow, and multilayered lyrical content, Homeboy Sandman was featured on the MTV series, Made, later signing a record deal with Stones Throw where he remains to this day. His first full-length for the label, First of a Living Breed arrived in 2012, helping build the case that Homeboy Sandman’s strengths lie in his consistencies. In 2015 he collaborated with Aesop Rock on their joint EP, Lice, going on to join the beloved rap veteran on tour, promoting his own 2016 release Kindness for Weakness. Although Homebody Sandman has spent over a decade honing his craft as a noteworthy emcee, one could argue he’s just getting started.

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