Jaylib is the collaborative project between renowned producers Madlib and the late J Dilla. While both parties cultivated their own careers as solo artists (both having released music under the Stones Throw imprint), their collaborative work was first manifested in part by DJ J Rocc of the legendary Beat Junkies. In 2000, J Rocc slipped Madlib a CD of unclaimed instrumentals produced by Dilla to use how he saw fit. With full creative freedom, Madlib became inspired to record vocals over them; something that the multi-instrumentalist himself cited as rare, as he typically preferred to rap over his own beats.

After Madlib absentmindedly labeled the disc as “Jaylib,” he inadvertently helped birth what would ultimately evolve into the duo’s cross-country collaboration. In turn, Dilla would then rap over Madlib’s production as well. While the project was never recorded with the intent of being formally released, Stones Throw placed one of the tracks as the B-side to a promotional Madlib single. The 12″ reached the ears of Dilla and the idea for a larger collaboration took flight. Champion Sound was created in both Madlib and Dilla’s studios in California and Detroit, respectively, with the tracks being volleyed back and forth over mail.

The album was released in 2003, following delays due to leaks, bootlegs and sample clearance issues. As a result, a re-issue arrived in 2007. Following the release of their 20-track collaborative album, J Dilla relocated to LA and joined Madlib for a small tour run in 2004, before his health began to deteriorate. Following J Dilla’s passing in 2006, Stones Throw released a collection of Jaylib bootlegs titled Outtakes in the late producer’s memory.

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