OutKast, a duo composed of Andre 3000 (born Andre Benjamin) and Big Boi (Antwan Patton), first met in a high school in Georgia tailored towards the performing arts. With an abundance of encouraged creativity, the two bonded over their Diverse tastes in music, drawing inspiration from the likes of 70s funk maestros George Clinton, De La Soul, and A Tribe Called Quest. OutKast‘s first official single “Player’s Ball”; climbed to the top of the rap charts in 1994, maintaining the No. 1 slot for six weeks. Following their early success, the duo became the first hip-hop act to sign with L.A. Reid’s LaFace label. With the Atlanta imprint providing them with some creative freedom, the group underwent a series of changes in aesthetic and lifestyle, such as Andre adopting an eccentric fashion style while Big Boi became a new father. As the pair came into their own individually, their collaborative sound was positively influenced as a result, with their innate starpower shining through. With the success of their follow-up double platinum album, ATLiens, OutKast broke through as forward-thinking pioneers of laid-back, feel-good hip-hop strongly influenced by dub and reggae. As they gained notoriety as tastemakers, OutKast became the first hip-hop act to openly credit rave culture as inspiration, balancing their Southern roots with their appetite for futuristic experimentation. From winning Grammy Awards for albums like Stankonia and the groundbreaking Album of the Year award for Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2004 to being sued by Rosa Park for allegedly misappropriating her name on 1998’s Aquemini to securing their legacy throughout the course of six studio albums, many eager fans remain hopeful that an OutKast reunion will manifest again.

The feeling that it gave was the reason they wrote what they wrote on that part of storytelling part one was kind of the feeling that it gave us. The swing the beat had and the feeling of the sand. That's what kind of influences what we write.
Art of a story telling part 2 man I was um ... I had not to long before tried ecstasy and ...
I had not too long before tried that and the next day I was kind of on the after effects of that and they took me to another little place and so to me that's my favorite beat. That's my favorite beat out of this one ... it's my favorite beat. That took me somewhere so it was special.
This ones a serious song, if you listen to the words of story telling part 2 its talking about the end of the earth. Its talking about the end of times. Mother earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign. He said she's tired of people fucking up and never showing appreciation and busting nuts when they done. Like you understand? If you aint listened to that he's talking about the of the world. That's what we're all talking about rushing to the dungeon where all of us ... we always talk about how if Armageddon broke out we all going to meet at this center place and meet at the dungeon. And we'll all have our guns and that we would fight from the dungeon so that's what that's song is about.

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