Hailing from the West Coast and more specifically putting Fresno, California on the mapPlanet Asia (born Jason Green) is an emcee that broke out on the scene in the late ’90s. In 1998, he relocated from his hometown to the San Francisco Bay area at the age of 22 to continue releasing an onslaught of mixtapes and 12″ singles to level up his career. After making the move, he started working with producer Fanatik and began to gain notoriety for his fierce vocal delivery and vast wealth of lyrical content. In addition to working as a solo artist, he also was one-half of the now defunct duo Cali Agents, as well as currently a member of the groups Gold Chain Military and Durag Dynasty. Cali Agents’ 2000 album, How the West Was One, helped him secure a label deal with Interscope Records, where he was unfortunately not as promoted as acts such as Eminem and 50 Cent. Planet Asia left the label without releasing an album, but did find his first Grammy nomination in 2002 for his contribution to Mystic’s track “W”. Avatar Records later picked him up, and he went on to release his solo label debut The Grand Opening in 2004, securing him The Source’s Independent Album of the Year Award. Throughout the course of his career, Planet Asia has collaborated with the likes of Linkin Park, Bun B, Talib Kweli, Madlib, DirtyDiggs, Ghostface Killah, and more, releasing an impressive amount of music over the year, with 2016’s solo studio effort Egyptian Merchandise the latest addition to his expansive discography.

Planet Asia: Oh my gosh, the XXL ... I don't know whoever dude is who wrote that ...
Speaker 1: Yeah.
Planet Asia: I don't really think he understands music like that. Like, it's like he giving us props but then ...
Speaker 1: Right.
Planet Asia: At the same time you giving us an L, like how you gonna give us a, I mean a L , we shoulda got an XL man. You know what I'm saying?
Speaker 1: Right. Right.
Planet Asia: At least, because rhyme-wise you can't tell me that somebody's out there doing what we doing.
Speaker 1: No doubt.
Planet Asia: And don't call me a mix tape legend either cause I don't do mix tapes.
Speaker 1: Right, right.
Planet Asia: And that's when I knew he didn't know who Planet Asia was. I'm not a mix tape legend.
Speaker 1: Right.
Planet Asia: I might have a verse here and there on cat's mix tapes, but I'm not the mix tape dude. I don't have a thousand mix tapes. All mines have barcodes and prices on em. Know what I'm saying?
Speaker 1: No doubt. No doubt.
Planet Asia: I don't have too many free releases. I have some out there like you know General [inaudible 00:00:58], but that's in this new era. I didn't come up off of mix tapes.
Speaker 1: No doubt.
Planet Asia: Know what I'm saying? Everything had a budget to it ...
Speaker 1: Right. Right.
Planet Asia: That I did.
Speaker 1: Well let's talk about your come up, you know what I mean, because ... And you know as I was educating myself, you know what I mean, just getting my personal, you know, feelings aside, I'm like "okay, this dude has, I mean, has performed with everybody." Let's just say everybody. You know what I mean? That track record and the deals that you've been a part of, I mean you for real about it.
Planet Asia: Yeah yeah I mean, I don't see it no other way. This music, it's music business, you know, people not gonna give you, you know the ... I, I guess that's what it is, if you really do it for real out I guess, you don't get the accolades and the respect and all this what not.
Speaker 1: Right.
Planet Asia: You know I don't get mentioned in you know whatever. But I don't really care about that shit man, as long as I get paid after the show.
Speaker 1: Right, right.
Planet Asia: You know what I mean? I'm hood with it man I don't really care about none of that shit man. Even in high school I was like that. I never cared about what people thought like you gotta be ... I was always a cutting edge, ahead of the time type dude anyway, so my whole life been like this.
Speaker 1: Peep that, so, I mean, I hear you ... I mean we, everybody in this room has known about you since whenever, right?
Planet Asia: Right, right.
Speaker 1: And when I come across people that don't know, you know that's part of what I wanted to ask you. I'm like cause I find that, that's just ridiculous ...
Planet Asia: Right.
Speaker 1: You know, but you said it. You're ahead of the curve.
Planet Asia: Yeah, it's just ... They didn't understand Jimi Hendrix when he was alive.
Speaker 1: No doubt.
Planet Asia: They didn't understand Bob Marley when he was alive, know what I'm saying?
Speaker 1: Right.
Planet Asia: So everybody praise em now. They didn't understand Dilla when he was alive, everybody running around here Dilla, Dilla, Dilla, but I know when Dilla was out, cats wasn't on it like that. It was a circle of people that was really up on the time. Like, my man, I know people from overseas that was really Dilla heads. Like long time ago, like you can't tell my man Dag nothing about Dilla. You know what I'm saying? But a lot of dudes jump on the band wagons after the fact, everybody wanted to act like they was down with Pimp C, you know like they was really listening to Pocket Full of Stones when Menace to Society was out.
Speaker 1: Right, right, right.
Planet Asia: And I know they wasn't, you know what I mean? It's all good but you know, give me my flowers when I'm alive, you know what I'm saying?
Speaker 1: No doubt, no doubt. Now, in the MC community though ...
Planet Asia: Right.
Speaker 1: Like that, I mean ...
Planet Asia: In the MC community, I'm in.
Speaker 1: Right, right. It's just a given.
Planet Asia: The industry, I don't really expect it because it's a business, you know what I mean? They gotta go with whatevers popping at the time, at the moment. Me I don't look at it like that, that's why I have cats like Killer Ben and Tristate with me. I coulda easily had, you know, people that y'all know or whatever. I could do albums like that easily with known MC's. To me these dudes are the illest.
Speaker 1: No doubt.
Planet Asia: You know what I'm saying? Like if we was in the era of the million dollar budgets I really feel like they woulda had to pay these dudes a lot of money back in my time, you know what I'm saying? Cause ain't nobody getting no money really like that upfront now, you know what I'm saying? So I can't really even compare us to the dudes right now cause the deals we was getting, they not getting like that.
Speaker 1: Okay okay, right right.
Planet Asia: Know what I'm saying? Ain't nobody getting half a million dollar budgets and none of that, know what I mean?
Speaker 1: Okay.
Planet Asia: Killer Ben has a gold plaque, I have platinum plaques, know what I'm saying?
Speaker 1: Wow, wow. So, it's not happening, okay okay.

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