Quasimoto (also known as Lord Quas) is the alter ego of Madlib, first manifesting on the illustrious producer’s personal beat tapes at the beginning of his career in the mid-’90s. Although reluctant at first, Madlib decided to further develop his experimental side project by debuting the Quasimoto voice on Peanut Butter Wolf‘s 1999 album My Vinyl Weighs a Ton with fans later piecing it together that Madlib and Quasimoto were one in the same. The conception of Quasimoto stemmed from Madlib hating the sound of his own voice, using the Alias as an artistic way to display his rapping talents. Madlib created Quasimoto’s signature sound by way of rapping slowly and speeding up the recording, in turn developing a distinctive high-pitched voice reminiscent of someone who playfully inhaled helium from a balloon. Initially designed to remain mysteriously unseen, Quasimoto took on an illustrated form, designed by Madlib and Stones Throw art director Jeff Jank. With the mischievous, cigarette-donning character as distinguishing as its eccentric voice, Quasimoto’s full-lengths have been met with critical acclaim with his 2000 debut The Unseen being regarded as one of the most imaginative indie records of the early aughts and landing on several “best of” lists throughout the years. As exemplified throughout his three studio albums, Quasimoto finds out of left field success with stream of conscious-style rapping built on top of a foundation of found samples and jazz-laden, free-spirited production. While Madlib has not brought Quasimoto to life since 2013’s Yessir Whatever, hip-hop fans never know when he’ll turn up again to stir up some trouble.

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