Reginald “Redman” Noble is a Grammy-nominated rapper, producer and actor from Newark, New Jersey. He is both a solo artist and one half of the duo, Method Man & Redman. At the age of 18, Redman began a DJ and rap career as DJ Kut-Killa and made a name for himself by freestyling and DJing at local parties. Erick Sermon discovered Redman, as he DJ’ed a party for DoItAll from Lords Of The Underground and moved him into his Long Island home a few months later to begin touring with EPMD.

Redman later got to freestyle on stage at an EPMD show, impressing Sermon so much that he featured Redman twice on EPMD’s Business As Usual album.

Red made his official debut in 1992 via Def Jam with Whut? Thee Album, which went on to be certified Gold. His sophomore effort, 1994’s Dare Iz A Darkside, was predominately produced by Red himself. To date, Redman has released eight solo albums.

In between solo projects, Redman released an album with Def Squad in 1998, and his first of two collaborative albums with Method Man in 1999. In 2002, Redman received international recognition and a 2003 Grammy nomination for his work on Christina Aguilera’s single, “Dirrty.” Previously, Redman received a Grammy nomination in 2001 for his work on De La Soul’s “Ooh.”

In addition to music, Redman has made appearances in over a dozen films and TV shows, including starring in the 2001 cult classic film, How High, alongside Method Man. He has also appeared in Scary Movie 3, Seed of Chucky and more, and briefly had his own sitcom Method & Red on Fox in 2003.

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