RJD2 (born Ramble Jon Krohn) is a producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter from Columbus Ohio, first exploring his multifaceted talents in 1993. After honing his craft for almost a decade, he then was recruited by El-P‘s Definitive Jux, with the homegrown label releasing his solo debut album Deadringer in 2002. After being met with critical acclaim for his first official release, he went on to collaborate with Blueprint, with the pair using the Alias Soul Position. Together, their joint effort 8 Million Stories was released via Rhymesayers Entertainment and sparked a repeated pattern of RJD2 collaborating with other recording artists under a variety of monikers. Dedicated to exploring various sonic realms, the producer draws from a variety of genres, ranging from hip-hop to soul and electronic to pop, incorporating obscure found samples and composing a mash-up of sounds in order to establish a signature sound not confined to one Sole direction. RJD2’s way of blending a variety of styles and influences allows him the versatility to master a variety of genres and work with a wide range of other artists. With a sky’s-the-limit creative approach, RJD2’s Diverse and expansive catalog is able to explore genre-bending spaces with success, all while still curiously remaining authentic to who he is as a hip-hop musician at his core. With six solo studio albums and a laundry list of recorded material, RJD2 has built a name for himself by pushing different sounds forward and refusing to allow a ceiling be placed on his expertise.

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