Snowgoons is a production team hailing all the way from Germany, comprised of Det and DJ Illegal. The two were hip-hop fans who were heavily influenced by the genre and came together to make beats. They’ve worked with Wu-Tang Clan, AOTP, Boot Camp Clik, Onyx and La Coka Nostra.

DJ Illegal credits Grandmaster Flash and Run D.M.C. for kick starting his love for the genre. He would eventually become a DJ, B-Boy, and graffiti artist. The group would together cite DJ Premier, Alchemist, and RZA as their influences. They also pull from various sources of inspiration. The name Snowgoons was inspired by the comic books that Det used to read when he was a kid.

Their first major release was “Clip Full of Ammo,” which featured rappers Doujah Raze, Mitchell Hennesy, J Sands, and Breez Evahflowin and was released via Hot Shit Records/Sony Germany. The duo would eventually sign to Babygrande Records in 2007 and release their debut album German Lugers that year. It would be the beginning of many records that include Black Snow, A Fist in the Thought, The Trojan Horse, Kraftwerk, The Iron Fist, and Your Favorite MC.

The production duo is heavily influenced by the boom bap sound. Their latest album, Goon Bap, is a dedication to the boom bap era of ‘90s hip-hop.

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