First joining forces in 1989, The Beatnuts originally were a Queens-bred trio comprised of members JuJu (Jerry Tineo), Psycho Les (Lester Fernandez) and Kool Fashion (Berntony Smalls). In the early ‘90s, they mainly focused on DJing and beatmaking, as well as lent their talents to remix the likes of Cypress Hill, MC Lyte, and Naughty by Nature. Early on in their careers, hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa introduced the group to Native Tongues members De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, and the Jungle Brothers. The Beatnuts became the only Latino affiliates of the Native Tongues collective. After garnering buzz for their work behind the boards and with the help of top-tier cosigns, the group scored a deal of their own with Combat Records. In 1993, their debut project Intoxicated Demons: The EP arrived, following a delay due to Kool Fashion six-month prison stint for drug charges. The group released their LP The Beatnuts: Street Level, via Relativity Records a year later. The project was their first and last LP as a trio, with Kool Fashion leaving the group to pursue a solo career under the moniker Al’ Tariq.

The Beatnuts continued to build their discography as a duo, going on to release their sophomore album, Stone Crazy, in 1997. Two years later, their third album A Musical Massacre became the Beatnuts’ most commercially and critically successful album to date. With the hit single “Watch Out Now” helping the album to climb to No. 35 on the Billboard 200, the group received praise for balancing rough, raunchy lyrics with layered, eclectic production. After the release of their 2001 album, Take It or Squeeze It—as well as the release of two greatest hits albums (2001’s Beatnuts Forever and 2002’s Classic Nuts, Vol. 1—the group parted ways with their longtime father imprint, Relativity Records. The Beatnuts then signed to underground label LandSpeed Records, releasing The Originators that same year.

Their 2004 album, Milk Me, was released through Penalty Recordings and included a track, “Confused Rappers,” dissing Jennifer Lopez for stealing the beat from “Watch out Now” for her 2002 smash single “Jenny From the Block.” The Beatnuts eventually received royalties for the song and agreed to end the feud with Lopez’s producers (The Trackmasters and Cory Rooney). In 2009, the Beatnuts starred in a 3-night performance run of a semi-autobiographical theater production, Deez Nuts, produced by journalist Sacha Jenkins and took place at the Ohio Theatre as part of the New York Hip-Hop Festival. In 2011, the Beatnuts linked with the Alkaholiks to release a collaborative EP titled Liknuts. In recent years, the Beatnuts have actively toured, with their seventh studio LP, Planet of the Crates, still anticipating a release.

Speaker 2: Yo, yo it's Psycho, Psycho Les and this is Junkyard.
Speaker 1: There you go Big Ju [inaudible 00:00:59]
Speaker 2: You know right we're like Penn and Teller sometimes you don't want to talk too much.
Speaker 1: It's okay we still love you anyway. So, please tell me how did you get started in this rap game? What brings you here? Like, how did your journey come here?
Speaker 2: How, what? How did we get started? I mean we just had mad love for the music, really just mad love for DJing and all that and that's what got us here.
Speaker 1: Okay, so you actually started off as a DJ?
Speaker 2: Yeah.
Speaker 1: So what made you make that switch from being a DJ to being an artist? Was it kind of natural for you? Did you always have a love for it?
Speaker 2: Natural. Yeah, we always just had mad love for vinyl you know just the crate thing and a lot of digging and then you know, that's where it originated for us really.
Speaker 1: Okay, so for all of us who don't know, do you have any projects coming up? Anything that you're working on? Any exclusives you would love to give to Doughboy Television?
Speaker 2: Yeah we got a couple projects look out for that Liknuts project, Junkyard JuJu solo project. You know we got a compilation. We got some other things you know, Sadat X got an album with Beatnuts and also working on an EP with Sean Price. So that's you know, keeping us busy. Big up Goblin out there, my brother Scuzz, Queens, New York, that's where we're from.
Speaker 1: So I did see you downstairs. You were checking out a little bit of the talent. Lots of people performed. So what did you think about your opening act because you know they had to turn up the crowd, get everybody ready for you. So what did you think of it?
Speaker 2: It was nice. It was nice. It was dope. The bad was killing it. They was killing it. Kinda funky you know. It was cool.
Speaker 1: So the band was like your favorite?
Speaker 2: Yeah. Mostly.
Speaker 1: Okay so, ladies. They're some look goods. Are you taken?
Speaker 2: Nah. We good. We good to go.
Speaker 1: Single. Hey! Single?
Speaker 3: I can't be kept.
Speaker 1: And ready to go ... Oh, he can't be kept ladies. Player!
Speaker 2: Single like a dollar bill.
Speaker 1: Like a dollar bill! So, I have to ask you. What kind of ladies do you like?
Speaker 2: We love them all. We love all kinds of ladies, you know. It don't matter.
Speaker 1: Anybody?
Speaker 2: Not anybody, but you know. You got to be official.
Speaker 1: Now since you are in Chicago we got to tell love to the Chicago artists. Who is your favorite Chicago artist right now?
Speaker 2: Right now? Who would you say? Kanye West?
Speaker 1: Kanye? How about underground, underground?
Speaker 2: But I didn't like that skirt he was wearing though. But it's all good. It's all good.
Speaker 3: I'm into Thomas Johnson. Reach out to Thomas Johnson.
Speaker 2: Thomas Johnson, there it is. There's mad artists out here man, you know. Chi town always had mad artists. Crazy fly out here so you know.
Speaker 1: So in the future if anybody would like to look for you guys, find out what's going on, any tours that you have going on and really just keep up with everything Beatnuts just go crazy. How will we do it?
Speaker 2: Well you could look me, I'm on Twitter. It's Pit Fight Records or you could go to the site it's And Junk yard?
Speaker 3: @TheRealBeatnuts on Twitter.
Speaker 2: @TheRealBeatnuts on Twitter. You know, so anything. You might need beats, you need to book us or something, anything. Questions, just hit us up.
Speaker 1: These are men who are talented. DJs, artists, producers, originality is just all in this room. Before we sign out with Doughboy Television are any there shouts out that you would like to give to anyone in New York and Chicago? Me?
Speaker 2: I mean I want to shout out Big Herk for bringing us out here to Chi town. I want to shout out Jerry's peoples over here holding us down. Everybody, Chi town, one love.
Speaker 3: Word up. Peace.
Speaker 1: Everybody it's been great. We're gonna get ready to go and see these two perform. It is gonna go down. It's your girl [Sonsarae 00:05:15] Lindsay, Doughboy Television, get ready to turn up. Peace.

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