Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are already marketplace solutions available. Why not use them?

    They don’t use Blockchain and they don’t allow a user to connect to a single identity that they can take from site to site.

  2. What if a seller sends a box of rocks? What if a buyer fakes a verification step?

    The smart contracts will have mechanisms for dispute resolution that rely on the review of the completed steps versus the trustworthiness of the user based on their transaction history. If all else fails a user can appeal an automated dispute decision by interfacing with humans for dispute resolution. However, in any transaction the penalty fee is paid to the network by the noncompliant party.

  3. What happens if a seller mails an item and it is delivered but stolen?

    We recommend sellers purchase shipping insurance and specify that the packages are held for pickup to ensure that they are delivered.

  4. Blockchain identities are anonymous what is to stop a user from making a bunch of accounts?

    Yes, identity is anonymous on the blockchain, but there are two layers of identity in this case. First, the user’s identity on the message board or social network. Second, the user’s wallet identity on Skratch. Both of these identities carry equity with them that the user may not want to discard. On the message board or social network, there is their persona that they may have worked for years to build up. On Skratch, there is the TrustScore that they build up over a series of transactions. So while the user could indeed create many identities, they are at a disadvantage in dispute resolution on the Skratch protocol if they do so.

  5. How is this different from Open Bazaar?

    Open Bazaar requires the user to download a software and list their products and services and a third party to verify transactions. On Skratch users can list anywhere they want and transact natively on that site or within our tools

  6. Why are you limiting this to music?

    It’s the specific niche that we know and have a solid audience that can amplify the platform. Also, we can uniquely use the platform to solve the problem by making the user identity and transaction history portable.

  7. You're putting ads on sites?

    The advertisements will appear as native posts on the message board for the host site and only if pay out less than 50% of the revenue.

  8. Why are you raising so much money?

    Marketing and Advertising are the biggest obstacles for adoption. Skratch’s success will require changes in human behavior and the best way to do so is through continual promotion of our message in a variety of ways.

  9. Can I use Skratch to buy products on UGHH?