It’s Nasty Nas. Nasir Jones. The one and only Nas! Very sweet best of compilation featuring 19 of Nas’ best tracks. This is an essential piece for any DJ who needs quick access to any one of Nas’ hits. For the vinyl heads – doubles is a must.
CD also available.

From the album: Now Look What You’ve Done, Lyrics Born! Greatest Hits! (Mobile Home Recordings), CD and Vinyl LP Clear Red shipping.
Song produced by: DJ Shadow

Lyrics Born has been around a long time and has a lot of hits. It only makes sense that nearly 30 years later LB comes full circle with a compendium of his best material showcasing a body of work that reflects a career of hit songs and classic jams.
CD also shipping.

Remastered twelve-track “Best of” Sach compilation album, serving as a re-introduction of Sach to a new generation of hip-hop lovers, producers, beat makers & emcees. This extraordinary musical document comes complete with illustrative and informative liner notes by luminary Carlos Nino, and is available on limited-edition 12″ tangerine colored vinyl.
Cassette (includes two bonus track) also shipping.