Limited to 200 copies. Free embraces the energy of Big Ape’s instrumentals and goes the f*ck off on his verses filled with varied cadences, clever wordplay, and menacing bravado. The East Coast rap titan showcases his always-ill delivery and wordplay once again here while backhanding wack rappers across the globe. What’s most impressive, though, is how he bounces around those instrumentals and utilizes nearly every flow in the book.

From the album: Free Will (Babygrande Records; iHipHop Distribution), shipping on CD.
Song produced by: S. Frank & Scholito

Free Will showcases the Philly wordsmith sounding as inspired as when he first emerged alongside Jay Z on “1-900-Hustler.” Rejuvenated, Freeway has spent the last two years perfecting Free Will while simultaneously reminding fans why he is often recognized as a hip-hop luminary, even sharing the stage with Girl Talk during his headlining set at Cochella in 2014. More self-determined than ever, Freeway alongside an ensemble of A-list producers demonstrates that making an extraordinary album takes nothing more than Free Will.