Repress of the debut LP from LA producer Nosaj Thing, who has produced tracks for artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Busdriver, Nocando, and most recently, Chance the Rapper. L.A.’s Nosaj Thing authors the unrelenting next chapter in producer-based records that continue to up the ante. His electronic soundscapes and wild beat tectonics hit the mind and soul as they juxtapose thick, dripping electronics with sultry hip hop undertones and thought provoking ambient space.

Ras G is one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a co-founder of the Poo-Bah label, and hip-hop beat-maker who digs probably deeper than any into the worlds of free jazz, jazz fusion and afrofuturism. Focused and expansive, El-Aylien is a cosmic exhibit in Ras G’s sonic explorations of collage and rhythm.