Los Grandes Éxitos en Español is a greatest-hits album in Spanish by Cypress Hill. It was certified Platinum by the RIAA. With exception of the last track, which was previously unreleased, together with “Latin Lingo,” and “Tres Equis” which appeared on “Cypress Hill”, the album features old songs with new Spanish lyrics.

It’s Nasty Nas. Nasir Jones. The one and only Nas! Very sweet best of compilation featuring 19 of Nas’ best tracks. This is an essential piece for any DJ who needs quick access to any one of Nas’ hits. For the vinyl heads – doubles is a must.
CD also available.

“If you had to pick up only one Tribe album, this might be the one to get (two copies needed!). Features 19 of ATCQs biggest hits, you could throw this album on at a party and the crowd will be loving every track and no doubt will be rapping along to the vocals of these Native Tongues. ” – UGHH’s Quest
CD also available – grab it for the car ride.