As the most recent addition to Sapient’s growing arsenal, Fool For Gold shows the maturity and polish expected from Sandpeople artist member that spends every waking moment raising his young family and working in the studio. The resulting project is comprehensive yet concise, skillfully employs complex and catchy arrangements that cohesively travel from wit-filled raps to a slaying falsetto while avoiding genre-imposed limitations and achieving maximum appeal.
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Starting out on a heavy regiment of making beats and writing raps daily, Jon eventually went on to learn guitar to help forge a more unique sound to his production. Playing around with that for long enough, he then dug even further back in to his Gospel-inspired roots, adding live drums, bass, and keys into his repertoire as well. Getting even more comfortable in this new zone, Jon stepped out from mostly rapping to now singing in whatever groove struck a chord with him – all coming together into a unique brand of home-recorded otherness that Jon could now claim as his own, never stopping to consider what genres it crossed or what trends might instead be more ‘hot’ at the moment. A handful of tracks culled from these preliminary creative fires would be compiled into his debut EP, ‘Let It Happen,’ an ode to creative freedom.