Vinyl obsessive, renowned DJ and leading light of the global edit scene, Kon knows a thing or two about good music. His latest project, Kon & The Gang, introduces a selection of tracks, remixes and edits that the Boston native has lent his golden touch to over the years. Featuring artists à la mode Truccy (Compost’s Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci), Eli Escobar, Seven Davis Jr, Medlar and Thatmanmonkz, the album gives newcomers to the scene a fantastic taste of the DIY disco/ throwback house revival which is currently taking the underground by storm. A mixture of effortlessly cool, slow slung disco & boogie and deftly edited dancefloor gems, ‘Kon & The Gang’ is sure to delight fans of soulful music old and new.

Holy f*ing sh*t can this guy rap his ass off! I’m not one to ever curse but listening to K.A.A.N. really stopped me in my tracks. I don’t think we’ve heard a rapper that can spit at a pace like this since Chip-Fu of the Fu-Schnikens. Produced entirely by K-Def, this one is a must listen. K.A.A.N. sounds like a polished season veteran, so the fact that he is a young artist is a real treat.