Devonwho’s Luz on Leaving is the Instrumental West Coast Beats full-length from influential Devon Fox. In 2009 he helped start Bandcamp phenomenon Klipmode with Knxwledge, Mndsgn, and Suzi Analogue. Moving up and down the coast for a few years, Devon is now based in Los Angeles creating his most potent melodically-driven Synthesizer Beat Music to date in an illuminating 39 minutes. Predominately an instrumental showcasing of Devon’s production and synth-playing – a few friends join: rapper/singer Zacky Force Funk, soul singer/producer I, CED, and blossoming emcee Pink Siifu.

Knx, aka Knxwledge, is a beat maker raised in central New Jersey and Philadelphia, now dialing-it-in at home in Los Angeles. Anthology is the essential instrumentals curation from the forty some-odd Knx Bandcamp releases 2009-2013. At fifty three tracks, Anthology is now available as a limited collector’s edition 2LP.

Buttrskotch is an EP release from Knxwledge – 6 beats b/w 5 beats – first released on tape, and now on 7-inch vinyl. Knxwledge makes beats. He came to Los Angeles via NJ and Philadelphia, dropping about a thousands tracks on Bandcamp along the way. Following the Buttrskotch tape, he released Anthology with Leaving Records, and the all-new original album Hud Dreems with Stones Throw. His latest project is Nxworries, a collaboration with Anderson Paak – see the Link Up & Suede vinyl EP.

Los Angeles-bred producer/emcee team Ras G & The Koreatown Oddity return for their sophomore release. In The Wrld (Leaving Records) follows the two artists in a blunted hip-hop trip through the beloved City of Angels while they smash speakers, smoke blunts, and dodge the cops.

Ras G is one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a co-founder of the Poo-Bah label, and hip-hop beat-maker who digs probably deeper than any into the worlds of free jazz, jazz fusion and afrofuturism. Focused and expansive, El-Aylien is a cosmic exhibit in Ras G’s sonic explorations of collage and rhythm.