Created over the course of 4 months. Two legends from both sides of the music industry. They finally bring their creative talents together for this amazing release of music and thought.

Sold out since mid-December! This is one of the more underrated and possibly top 5 fully-realized political hip-hop albums of all time. If you don’t agree with the previous sentence, give Let’s Get Free another listen… you might be surprised at how well it has held up over the years.
CD also available.

Produced by the duo, “Hip-Hop” was a record that immediately caught fire on both College and Commercial Radio mix-shows. A call to arms, “Hip-Hop” just sounds like a revolution, and is to be heard loud! Surprisingly enough, this song’s legacy may be most defined by its use as the bed for Dave Chappelle’s entrance music for his show on Comedy Central. Flip side contains the instrumental.