From the album: Silver Tongue Devil (Battle Axe Records), shipping on CD.
Song produced by: Rob The Viking (of Swollen Members)

One of two classic Swollen Members albums re-released this week! Bad Dreams was Swollen Members second full length release on Battle Axe Records, released in 2001. “Take It Back” was the album’s first single though the record didn’t take off until the second single, “Fuel Injected” was released. “Fuel Injected” turned the underground rap group into household names overnight. This album is platinum certification in Canada! Grab the “Balance” re-issue as well.

So… you don’t own this album? This album captures the late 90’s underground hip hop sound to perfection. There are more classics than we can list. Here’s a hint of why it’s so good – features Aceyalone, Del, Divine Styler, Everlast, Evidence, Saafir, Son Doobie and more with production from Alchemist, Evidence, Joey Chavez, Paul Nice, etc. An absolute banger that you need in your collection. Grab the “Bad Dreams” re-issue as well.