Third album on All City from LA via Philly beat machine Knxwledge, coming out on cassette! Straight up rap remixes culled from his Wrap Taypes series.

We are already down to our last 20 copies so if you want this, pre-order it RIGHT NOW! Deluxe edition includes custom-printed Special Blends burlap bag! Once we hit our max pre-order quantity, they will no longer be available for sale (so basically, get your pre-order in now!). The villain is putting the spotlight back on his production with the official vinyl release of Special Blends, Vol. 1 & 2. Originally self-released in extremely limited quantities back in 2004, Special Blends Vol. 1 & 2 pairs vintage DOOM-produced Special Herbs instrumentals with classic hip-hop and R&B vocals. Mixed by DOOM himself, this collection incorporates vocals from a wide range of iconic records.
Non-Deluxe Vinyl also shipping this week.

Beats by Knxwledge / Art by Gangster Doodles / Raps From Your Favorite MCs.