“The dilemma, for me, was making something from the heart without it sounding like a political record… I’m not necessarily into politics, and though I wouldn’t call myself an activist I am trying to be more active… How do you do that and not beat people over the head with life’s truths? I do feel a responsibility as a man, and as a father, to say something though, and at the same time I want people to just enjoy the music… We just wanted to make an amazing album that also spoke of the times we we’re living in.” – Moe Pope; Torch Song features guest appearances from Monica Raymund (NBC’s Chicago Fire), Jared Evan, Frank The Butcher, Dutch Rebelle, Avenue & more.

From the album: Torch Song (AR Classic Records), .
Song produced by: The Arcitype

48 hours was all that was needed to create this EP of inspired music. Raashan Ahmad and Headnodic honed the quality of their collaboration as founding members of the groups Mission: and Crown City Rockers. That musical short-hand, friendship and effortless connection is apparent through every moment of this release of beautiful beats and rhymes.