2″ double vinyl LP – includes high glossed full light spectrum colored gatefold with original artwork + lyrics, inner sleeves wit ancient prism script, milky clear colored vinyl, + 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS for VINYL ONLY (16 tracks total, eyy!). Pressed up by Low Leaf herself via *CreatorDIY*.

CD version already completely sold out! At a satisfying 19 songs, Dam lets grooves breathe; this is a mix to happily get lost within. It’s a document in vibe. Unexpected contemporary joints from low-key producers like Henning and L33 mingle with lost gems from unlikely places. 80’s Fusion-Jazz guitarist Tony Palkovic on “True To Yourself” follow the airy-burn of new-age ensemble Gaussian Curve’s “Broken Clouds” or the super rare bliss-Funk of “Theme From Beach Boy” from 1982. This is an extensive instrumental composition that on its own could only be classified as signature Modern-Funk. There may be a lot of folks dabbling but there really is only one Damon.
CD Import sold out!