Over the past years Dave Dar has come from behind the boards & has been making an imprint as an artist & an MC. As one half of the Bamboo Bros with his partner Kurious they released American Jibaro in 2011. Dave continued collaborating on projects with the likes of Blu , Kool Keith , AG & many others. As an essential part of the LUVNY Collective & the Red Apples 45 movement his time has come full circle. “The Sun Don’t Chill” is his first solo effort entirely produced by Ray West & features Prince Po, Percee P and Red Apples’ own AG . Released on 7 inch black vinyl, contains 4 full songs plus 1 interlude.

Back in 1990 a group known as 2 Mad & Company consisted of a young Ray West combined with an aspiring teenageMC 2 Mad . Together they formed a short lived group the consisted mostly of basement recordings & street corner ciphers. These recordings come from a rare studio session that took place in 1991 @ the Box Studio in NYC. Remastered from a demo tape cassette and pressed on a 7 inch vinyl, consider this a time capsule dating back to 1991. This 7 inch contains 2 full songs & a bonus track from 1991 featuring Poetic Prince.

Upcoming vinyl release from Red Apples 45! This time bringing it all the way back home to the Bronx with one half of The Ghetto Dwellas & DITC affiliate D-Flow. Pairing the MC with the Red Apples 45 own, producer Ray West they bring you “Three sides to every coin ” Not only a play on words but some insight into the fast pace hustle of NYC’s paper chase. There are many reasons one would strive to get ahead in this town & in this EP, D-Flow breaks down 3 different reasons why one would strive. Mixed By Dave Dar, executive producer A.G. & art work by the legendary Joe Buck, the record contains 3 full songs, 2 instrumentals & one 7 minute instrumental piece by Ray West titled “Soliloquy”.

Red Apples 45 takes a flight out west on this new release! This time teaming up Ray West with west coast MC BLU for an introspective EP titled Crenshaw Jezebel: a melodic ride where BLU’s flow and word play blend with Rays sound to create a vibe of street essence & relationship conflicts. Featuring A.G., Dave Dar, and Es-K.